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Features modern classic flat top molding, white kraft backing board, and glass. Anodized black aluminum finish with no mats included. Frame measurement is opening for picture size. Frame molding measures 7/8 in. wide x 1/2 in. wide face x 1/8 in. deep.

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size: 11 in. x 14 in.
Manu #ARM03-13-21
Item #80996
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size: 16 in. x 20 in.
Manu #ARM03-19-21
Item #20176
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size: 8 in. x 10 in.
Manu #ARM02-07-21
Item #51942
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Rated by: Bob W. in Bristol, ME
Last bunch I ordered came with a different backing board. Instead of the corner clips, there are swivel clips in the middle of each side of the backing board. As a result, the corners of the backing board are warmed slighly up and the board does not hold the artwork flat. I would appreciate it if the old style were reprised, otherwise I won't be able to use these anymore. ('s service is excellent; it's the product itself I have a problem with.)
Rated by: Bob W. in Bristol, ME
Excellent value. Will order many more.
Rated by: Amy A. in Seattle, WA
These basic frames are of good construction and have clean lines. Perfect for your photos, regardless of size!`
Rated by: Katherine M. in Fairfax, VA
Excellent Frame. Nielsenbainbridge ready-made metal frames are respectable quality and very good value at MisterArt. Same product - Significantly less expensive than our local upscale art supply stores and photo stores offer. Use quality foamcore board as a backer instead of the backerboard that comes with the frame and you have the closest thing to professional framing on the amateur market.
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