The Crank Easel
by Best

Product Description

Best’s traditional crank style easel, designed in the style of easels made popular many years ago, has now been refitted with a winch system to raise and lower its bottom canvas tray. Its oak construction and heavy-duty crank system will allow even your largest canvases to glide up and down with a quiet ease. The Crank Easel can accommodate canvases up to 66 in. high. Mounted on front locking casters, it has a base width/depth of 29 3/4 in. x 30 in. and an adjustable height from 92 in. to 127 in. In addition to the lower canvas tray, the easel has a middle canvas holder for smaller work. The Crank Easel has a shipping weight of 98 lbs. and ships partially assembled. The Crank Easel, with its hand rubbed oil finish, is suitable for displaying work in the finest settings imaginable. Note: the mast will lift as the lower canvas tray is lifted, so consider ceiling height.

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description: crank easel
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