Halley Easel
by Best

Product Description

Beautiful and strong, the Halley will tilt back into a table for gessoing, varnishing, or watercolor work, or tilt forward for pastel artists to allow the pastel dust to fall from the work surface. Plus, the Halley has a multitude of height and tilt settings for the oil, acrylic, or airbrush artist. Made of solid North American Red Oak. Features include a self leveling tray with melamine paint mixing surface and a small stainless steel cup for solvent, oil, etc. Top, bottom, and middle painting trays have rubber grips to keep canvases secure (removal of the middle tray is necessary for maximum canvas size). Bottom shelf for storage. Maximum canvas size: 80 in. x 82 in. Base width/depth: 24 in. x 27 in. Maximum height: 84 in. Height when used as a table: 36 in. #880600.

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description: studio easel
Manu #880600
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Rated by: Kristine K. in Schulenburg, TX
First:this item arrived quicker than expected. Shipping and packing were excellent. Second:the instructions for reconstructing this easel were less than admirable. My husband and I (both with Masters degrees) spent twenty minutes studying the photo on the label and trying to figure out where we went wrong during assemby. Turns out, we had an entire piece assembled backwards. Third:yes, you do need another person to assist with the assembly. Fourth: this easel is amazing. It is versatile and sturdy. I truly believe I got the best value for my money and want a second one, now that I am "building" a studio.
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