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Penstix is more than "just another marker" - with the density of black India drawing ink but not the typical mess. The 0.3, 0.5 and 0.7 mm points facilitate technical drawing, sketching, finished art, cartooning, and drawing projects that demand performance and convenience. The plastic fiber nib has been designed to produce sharp, clear work, with a straight edge or free hand, time after time.

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(based on 24 reviews)


Rated by: Michael P. in Hobson, MT
I was very impressed with the tips on these pens - very fine, produced a very nice line, and looked like they would hold up well. I was a little disappointed with the ink - not nearly as black as India ink as the description would have you believe. Overall they are a good price for some nice pens.
Rated by: mitzie m. in Columbus, OH
Great pens for everyday use, letter writing, sketches, etc. I've only had mine for a few weeks but they are working great with no leaks.
Rated by: Sheri G. in Buffalo, NY
I keep these pens with me at all times. They are great for quick sketches and cartooning. Very neat and clean to work with.
Rated by: Nancy H. in Alameda, CA
These are very nice felt tipped pens. I like to use them in addition to technical pens on cartooning work.
Rated by: Nancy H. in San Francisco, CA
Nice felt tipped pens. Nothing unique about them, but they're good.
Rated by: virginia h. in St. Louis, MO
These have become the only pens I ever take with me. They are consistant and have never failed to produce a sharp, clear line even in damp, sloppy outdoor sketching conditions.
Rated by: teri s. in chapel hill, NC
fantastic pens. smooth flow, no smearing.
Rated by: Wendy O. in Tampa, FL
As a student I am always looking for the best pens to draft with. These are great. Quick drying means less smear! I also really like the varying line weights. Great ink flow on vellum and tracing papers. No skips!!
Rated by: Josh H. in glendora, CA
these pens are perfect. great pens for the price as well! excellent! highly recommended
Rated by: virginia h. in St. Louis, MO
I tried this product on a lark and then became hooked. The line is solid but the pen is facile enough to sketch with. The curves don't get lost. I have a bit of a learning curve with the lid/clip inversion, but I recognize it as logical and will soon learn which end to open.
Rated by: Jane R. in Shelton, WA
I have used other inkpens often, but this was my first time with Alvin Penstix, and I couldn't be more delighted. The flow is even and easily controlled. Perfect for cross-hatching and detail work!
Rated by: virginia h. in St. Louis, MO
Love these. They do not run. They do not fade. I can afford them. THey fit nicely into a pocket, purse, field kit, or lunch bag. Finally a reliable pen that is not finicky.
Rated by: James M. in Mill Spring, NC
I really love these pens for their quality in making lines and for being non-skipping. The only thing that would make it better would be if I could purchase the EF pens only because that is what I use the most Of. Great cartooning pens.
Rated by: Marge T. in Bullhead City, AZ
Excellent, inexpensive, and professional art and drafting tool. I highly recommend them.
Rated by: cemre o. in los angeles, CA
Just close your eyes and buy, this is the best deal I ever had. quality is amazing.
Rated by: Patricia W. in Burlington, VT
Excellent pens for the money. I carry them and my sketch book with me always and they are very good for quick sketches.
Rated by: Suzanne L. in Sayreville, NJ
Now that I know the quality of these pens, I'm surprised they cost so little! They are wonderful! Nice, even ink flow, sharp lines and quick drying ink make these pens a must-have!
Rated by: Victoria C. in Nashville, TN
I got these thinking they would be a nice, inexpensive pen to carry with me whenever I went away from the studio to draw. They handle so beautifully and are so fuss-free that they've gotten to be a staple for projects where I need to do some quick ink work and don't want to fool with the mess and bother of filling and cleaning technical pens.
Rated by: markus l. in new york, NY
fantastic pens. great ink flow. like them more than more expensive refillable technical pens
Rated by: Bob O. in Los Angeles, CA
This is the first time I've heard of Alvin and any of the products. So far, I have to tell you, I've been very pleased with these Penstix. The flow is excellent and they feel really good in my hand, which is important to an artist. I would be more than happy to use some other products from this company. Thanks!!
Rated by: Mark P. in Atlanta, GA
These pens are great for the price. I used them to go over pencil in my cartoon drawings. They've got a fine tip that you won't find on any household Sharpie marker, and they bring details very well without ruining the details with excessive ink or smudging. I have seen better pens, but this is still the best buy I've seen.
Rated by: T. L. in Apopka, FL
Penstix are a great tool, especially when it's inconvienient to carry around pen nibs and ink bottles. You get three good line variations in a pack, and they produce surprising results, almost as good as brushwork. Plus now they've added pocket clips that make them even more convienient. I am not found without them.
Rated by: Robert B. in Baton Rouge, LA
The best buy in felt pens on the market. The tips hold up unbelievably, and the pens hold an astounding amount of ink. I can't recommend these pens highly enough. Definitely the best India quality felt pen on the market.
Rated by: Diana M. in Kapolei, HI
Good pens for drawing. I'd purchase again.
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