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Sheaffer has upgraded its ink cartridge design for improved functionality - delivering better color identification and transportability. The color of the cartridge is now the same as the ink, making it much easier to identify the color of ink inside. For Jet Black, Blue, and Blue-Black the cartridges remain transparent but now they have an end cap which clearly identifies the ink color. This new feature still lets consumers easily see the level of ink in the cartridge. In addition, the new cartridges are now transportable. This is possible as the new cartridges can only be pierced on one end. This allows a traveler to carry an un-pierced cartridge in a fountain pen chamber, without the risk of leakage during transportation, and especially during air travel - a common concern among fountain pen aficionados.5 per pack, compatible with White Dot Classic, Cartridge, and Calligraphy pens. These are the refills for the Sheaffer Calligraphy Classic Kit.

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color: black
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color: blue
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color: brown
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Rated by: Barbara B. in TX
As a calligrapher, I sometimes am unable to purchase ink for my Shaffer Calligraphy pens at my local office supply stores & I'm delighted to have found . They have a large selection of ink colors , their delivery was prompt & their product pricing was totally satisfactory. I will continue to use for my calligraphy needs. Barbara B. TX
Rated by: Missy in Louisiana
Was very happy to find that carried a wide variety of colors in this product. You can only get black or blue where I live.
Rated by: Pat Y. in Millbrae, CA
This was perfect for the calligraphy work I am doing for my daughter's wedding....the variety of colors offered was more than I could find in a retail store. Shipment was fast. Thanks.
Rated by: Margie W. in Fort My, FL
I have used Sheaffer cartridge calligraphy ink for 20 years and it has worked great! Especially when doing several hundred invitations.
Rated by: Barbara S. in Grand Rapids, MI
The price is great, the inks last a long time. The only complaint I would have would be, I would like the colors to be brighter. Especially gold and green as those are the colors I use the most along with red and tuqoise.
Rated by: Kathleen I. in Alma, MI
Order was fast and product was what I had been looking for and unable to find in a store. Thanks
Rated by: Edith R. in San Francisco, CA
Love the SHEAFFER Calligraphy kit, and had to get the refills too.
Rated by: Alvina B. in Winnetka, IL
These are the same fine cartridges I used to purchase at my local stationery store, which was driven out of business by the big office supply stores. Of course these stores do not sell fountain pens or cartridges. Thank goodness I can buy them here.
Rated by: Lyn J. in BLackwood, NJ
This was my first time ordering form MisterArt and I was so impressed with how quickly my order arrived as well as the great quality of the product. Of course the prices can't be beat either. Plus, I was able to find an item here that I wasn't able to find elsewhere. This site is on my favorite list now!
Rated by: lissa d. in miami, FL
Excellent product! Very good flow and true color.
Rated by: Charles J. in Yellow Springs, OH
Item exactly as described. Quick service. Highly recommended
Rated by: Re A. in Kansas City, MO
I love the colors of my refills, especially the turquoise. I do a lot of writing and note taking and am impressed with the amount of writing one cartridge provides.
Rated by: andi m. in alpena, MI
I am currently using these for adressing wedding invites, clean, easy, and professional. I only wish I had found it sooner, I addressed my own wedding invites with a nib and dipping ink.
Rated by: Rosemary O. in Newbury Park, CA
I am really glad I found the brown ink cartridges. My daughter is having a fall wedding. I am doing the calligraphy on the invitations. The brown works perfectly. Thank you!!! I couldn't find the brown anywhere.
Rated by: Amanda G. in bridgton, ME
I like to write letters and to draw using calligraphy pens. This product offers a good variety of colors and a high quality ink that dries quickly and usually does not smear. The ink is of a good consistency. It's very easy to change cartridges. I would recommend this product.
Rated by: Shawna L. in Kailua Kona, HI
While I have not used yet, it is wrapped for Christmas for my artist son, I am quite pleased with the value for my money. This seems to be of very good quality and I believe will be well used.
Rated by: Sheila B. in NY, NY
Fine writing with a fountain pen is a dying 'art.' As a result, it has gotten harder and harder to find cartridges. Thank goodness for MisterArt - not only is a large selection of catridges available, but the whole transaction was easy and delivery was quick. Keep up the good work, MisterArt!
Rated by: kim e. in birmingham, AL
Great site with great, fast service. I have looked all over for a place like this!
Rated by: Katy L. in West Palm Beach, FL
These are a great product. Though, when I used the cartridges with different nibs, they came out as different colors. They are long, lasting and provide great color.
Rated by: Cindy R. in Lufkin, TX
I searched all over East Texas and the Dallas/Fort Worth area for brown ink cartridges for a Scheaffer Calligraphy pen. My daughter is getting married, and we wanted to calligraphy the invitations in brown ink. You were the only place I could locate them, and your prices were very reasonable. I have recommended Misterart to others who need art supplies. I received the cartridges in 3 days. Thanks for your excellent service.
Rated by: m. v. in richmond, VA
This is the only place I've found to have all of the colors of ink cartridges for my calligraphy pen. My order was shipped very promptly and I will definitely purchase from this site again!
Rated by: ZonaGale S. in Minneapolis, MN
Excellent selection of this product available! Great price. Very speedy delivery. Complete satisfaction with product and service. Will definitely be a return customer.
Rated by: Kim B. in new york, NY
I have always been very happy with the Sheaffer products.
Rated by: Ammi R. in Belmont, CA
These are easy to use and there are so many fun colors!
Rated by: Courtney C. in New York, NY
I was very pleased with this product. I did buy a few too many cartridges for what I need though--I only went through two cartridges and addressed about 130 invitations.
Rated by: Mae A. in Pace, FL
excellent product, fast shipment, good service
Rated by: danette m. in glasgow, MT
Great products, superb price. Excellent company to do business with. Fast, and reliable.
Rated by: Kris P. in Sacramento, CA
The local store does not carry the cartridges any longer. I found and saw that the cost of the cartridges were much cheaper than the store. I ordered and received the cartridges within days! I wasn't in a hurry for them but the service was great and I now know where I can purchase the cartridges in the future. Very happy with
Rated by: dina k. in fairway, KS
Unlike all other websites, Misterart carried many colors and had the lowest price. The shipping was QUICK--which I was thankful for-I needed the ink to address invitations that had to be mailed ASAP. I was very satisfied with and their product.
Rated by: Rebecca B. in New York, NY
Other websites I had browsed did not offer the range of colors I found with My order was delivered quickly and correctly. Everything I needed was taken care of.
Rated by: Becky T. in San Diego, CA
This is the ONLY place where I can find these colored Ink Cartridges. And at great prices. Shipping is reasonable, and very fast. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I received my order, and at how great these cartridges are. I would recommend to anyone and everyone.
Rated by: anita p. in philadelphia, PA
These ink cartridges are great to work with. They are easy to install and makes the product look really great. I couldn't find them in any store, so when i saw them on i was so excited. They arrived quickly and i was able to get right to work.
Rated by: Jessica B. in Mountain Home, AR
These ink cartridges are wonderful. They are easy to install, and the ink looks great. They are very high quality. I would recommend these to any calligraphers.
Rated by: Priscilla L. in Perkiomenville, PA
These cartridges are hard to find. They came quickly as promised and are top quality.
Rated by: Amy W. in San Diego, CA
The cartrodges work great, as advertised, and were delivered promptly. I'm happy.
Rated by: Christine M. in Lakeland, FL
The convenience of the Sheaffer ink cartidges are a must with extensive writing projects!
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