Pitt Monochrome Graphite Set in Metal Tin

Product Description

This set contains a number of variants on the graphic theme, all made of high-quality raw materials and with ideal characteristics for every application. The graphite pencils give the best possible contrast for sketching, the graphite crayons are best suited for shading large areas, and the accessories form a perfect adjunct to every artist's set of materials. The set contains 5 Castell 9000 pencils, 4 PITT Monochrome graphite pure woodless pencils (3B, 2B, B, and HB), 3 PITT Monochrome graphite crayons (9B, 6B, and 2B), a blending stump, kneadable eraser, vinyl eraser, twin stainless steel sharpener, perfection eraser pencil, and a sand paper sharpening block.

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description: set of 18 pieces
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Rated by: Kathryn M. in Hampden, MA
Wonderful. Has everything you need to make beautiful sketches. Perfect to take anywhere.
Rated by: Katja W. in Chicago, IL
I am very pleased with this pencil set - it contains really everything I need for various drawing projects. Only downside: no description is provided of how to best use the various pencil styles, their effects, etc. That information would be really helpful for nonprofessionals and individuals who do not take a drawing class.
Rated by: Lised Marquez de T. in Wooster, OH
Always Faber Castell is the best
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