Carb-Othello Pastel Pencil Sets

Product Description

The easiest pastels to use! The high pigment content in these chalk-pastel coloring pencils ensures high luminosity and covering capacity, so you can achieve the look you want without bearing down. The colors are vibrant and true, exhibiting remarkable lightfastness. Carb-Othello Pastel Pencils are extremely versatile, too. Dry blend or smudge details into your final piece or add water to use the pigments for painting!

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(based on 5 reviews)


Rated by: Marcia G in Satellite Beach, FL
I just started using my first set of these pencils. Although the colors are highly pigmented, they smudge too easily. Even after being on the page for days, if you touch anything the color gets all over your hand and is transferred to everything on that page. Will not purchase again.
Rated by: mike i. in madison, AL
I have used Othello colored charcoal for 15 yrs. I havent found any that works as well. Othello blends, shades, and makes a sharp line and will stay brite.
Rated by: Maria S. in Moreno Valley, CA
2 words "Love Them" These are awesome pencils, great colors, vibrant or dull you decide. Well worth the price, I'll be purchasing them again :-)
Rated by: Linda L. in Carmichael, CA
Of all the pastel pencils I have used, these are by far my favorite. The colors are vibrant and true and the pigments can easily be blended into the final painting or will stand alone for special effects such as highlighting, tiny twigs, etc. I would highly recommend them. If you are a beginner with pastels, this will give you a head start and you will not become discouraged by using inferior pastel pencils.
Rated by: Lori Rase H. in Sacramento, CA
Wonderful range of colors in the set of 60 that I purchased. I used a electric sharpener vs. the hand-held one that comes with the larger sets. Make sure you sharpen them VERY gently or they will break. These pencils have a very distinct smell to them from the binding agent, so if you are sensitive to that kind of thing "beware." They are very easy to use, but I seem to have a heavy hand and have to sharpen them constantly.
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