Water Soluble Oil Pastels

Product Description

Portfolio Series oil pastels have a traditional creamy texture. The bright primary and secondary colors blend into a broader, more advanced palette.

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(based on 23 reviews)


Rated by: Melissa Melissa in Salem, OR
I love these so much this is my second set because I used the other set up. They work well with acrylic paint, pastels, and watercolor. They are smooth and creamy. They are easy to apply and mix. Only complaint is there are not enough colors but I am greedy that way.
Rated by: candice a. in la, CA
easy to use
Rated by: Susie L. in DeLand, FL
These oil pastels are the very best. They move like butter which makes my pieces easier to create. I won't use any other brand.
Rated by: Renee . in Holly Springs, MS
First time to buy these. I like them a lot for usage in mixed media art.
Rated by: Audrey M. in buckingham, VA
I have to agree with the other reviewers, I love these pastels. Easy to work with, truly water soluble. I use them, and so do my grand kids. Great product and great price.
Rated by: Jill S. in Milwaukee, WI
These are one of my favorites. There are so many different ways to use them; just as crayons, or use a wet brush or sponge afterwards, maybe use them on wet paper, you can dip them in water to use, you can blend with fingers, even use in face painting. My preschool granddaughter loves them as well. I think it is the least messy way for her to paint but probably the most satisfying for her to use. I like these much more than the Crayola Twistables Slick Stix for children, I found those greasy and limited in colors. These are wonderful, I am only afraid we will run out of them. Paired with a pad of Canson Biggie Jr. watercolor paper, you have many hours of fun and learning for less that ten dollars! Highly recommended.
Rated by: Jillian G. in Raleigh NC, NC
These are the best for the price. However, in the hot weather we have been having, they do not stand up well. Perhaps refrigeration overnight may help.
Rated by: Jennifer F. in Hagerstown, MD
We used these at a Family Workshop at the National Gallery of Art and really liked them. I am happy to have found them here. They blend very well and are very easy for my kids to use for art projects.
Rated by: beth b. in san francisco, CA
These were a joy to use, went on smooth, blended well and can be used super sheer or thick with equally good results.
Rated by: Kathy V. in Santa Cruz, CA
I got these for my 6 year old granddaughter after she used mine and wanted to keep them for herself. She loves them. They're so much smoother and easier to use than regular crayons.
Rated by: Pat N. in Troy, NY
This product works beautifully on all kinds of surfaces - for instance, plaster of paris, shrink art, polymer clay etc. It stays moist with bright colors.
Rated by: Missy T. in Dodge City, KS
These pastels are so smooth, creamy & vibrant in color! I also prefer the pointed tip which is not common in oil pastels. Great in mixed media & collage art! I will keep buying these!
Rated by: Danielle C. in sharon, MA
These pastels are VERY easy to blend and have a very creamy texture
Rated by: beren g. in san antonio, TX
this, i think, is my fourth purchase of these oil pastels. i love them, and i have turned about six or seven other folks on to them. they're great!
Rated by: Carolyn C. in Long Beach, Washington, WA
I have been playing with these since I received them, they are great, no more smelly white spirits to move the oil pastels, will buy them over, and over, I have introduced my daughter (student) to them also.
Rated by: beren g. in san antonio, TX
what can i say? i love these oil pastels. not only have i ordered them more than once, but i convinced several other artists i know to purchase them as well. smoooooth!
Rated by: al w. in vinton, VA
i used these for color additions to body art over latex, worked exceptionally well even on skin for makeup also,easily removed,this is a more than canvas product.
Rated by: beren g. in san antonio, TX
have used many brands of oil pastels--these are my favorites. have shared them with a number of people who all have enjoyed them. i love how blendable they are and the ability to work them with water adds to their versatility.
Rated by: Christy T. in San Francisco, CA
A great value! These oil pastels are so easy to work with, very smooth at a very reasonable price. Also easy to include in projects with kids.
Rated by: William L. in Vancouver, WA
These are a great product. I've used water soluble oils for about 3 years, and have anxiously awaited the arrival of water soluble oil pastels. Crayola doesn't disappoint. They handle very well, have a nice consistency, cut well with water, and mix with my Windsor Newton water soluble oils perfectly. Clean up is very easy, soap and water, that's it. Great product, I'll be buying a second set soon.
Rated by: Jason J. in Las Vegas, NV
Great product. Awesome finger blending.
Rated by: Rose Q. in Boulder, CO
A great medium for adults and kids. Vibrant colors. Great smooth mixing quality. And the best part is you can "paint" with them too!!! Worth the buy.
Rated by: Shannon K. in Kansas City, MO
I have used this product before and been very happy with its versatility. They give the look and feel of oil pastels, thick vivid. Yet with the touch of water and brush your can manuplate like watercolors. Be it with the pastel, a brush, or your fingers, this product can move.
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