Portfolio Series Water Soluble Oil Pastels Classpack

Product Description

The creamy texture of the Portfolio Series Oil Pastels will make you want to draw and draw. The pastels are water-soluble, so you can dip them in water to use as paint sticks, wet the paper before drawing on it, or brush your drawing with a wet brush. The Classpack comes with 300 pastels in 12 assorted vivid colors: white, yellow, red orange, red, pink, rust, violet, true blue, blue, yellow green, green, and black.

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unit: pack of 300
Manu #52-3630
Item #20455
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Rated by: Srinivasan N. in Palo Alto, CA
These water soluble pastels [Portfolio Series] are creamy, soft, bright vivid colors, used dry or with water. Great for students and professionals, very reasonably priced compared to costlier ones which are comparable.
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