Pip-Squeaks Markers

Product Description

Pip-Squeaks may be small in size but they have BIG color! The small size of Crayola Pip-Squeaks Markers makes them easier for young children to hold and use. Their conical tips can draw thick or thin lines, and they have washable inks. Best of all, they have a re-usable pouch for easy storage. The set includes 16 fun colors: Leprechaun Green, Golden Nugget, Raspberry Squirt, Petite Rose, Tiny Plum, Teensy Teal, Rain Drop Blue, Copper Penny, Dinky Pink, Firefly Red, Toy Poodle Black, Mini Brown, Kitten Gray, Little Lemon, Sweet Violet and Little Boy Blue.

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description: set of 16
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Rated by: Jill L. in Sleepy Hollow, NY
I was happy with everything else in my order, but thought that these markers were a little lame. Some of them seemed dried out and lackluster from the onset. I was expecting more vibrant markers.
Rated by: Maria R. in Wharton, NJ
These are just like the normal Crayola markers ... but they are a bit smaller and easier for the "smaller" hands to hold. My son just loves these. He received them about 6 months ago and I needed to buy more because he uses them so much.
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