Multicultural Colors Ultra-Clean Washable Markers

Product Description

Crayola Multicultural Markers contain eight different skin colors to represent people from around the world. Colors are bronze, terra cotta, mahogany, tawny, beige, golden beige, sienna, and tan. The markers are formulated to easily wash from skin and most children's clothing. They’re great for arts and crafts projects, as well as homework and school projects, and can be used to create colorful journal entries, scrapbooks, party invitations, or drawings. Markers are non-toxic. For ages 5+

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Rated by: Linda F. in Conroe, TX
I facilitate a transracial families support group, which is comprised of families who incorporate members with multiple ethnicities. The children do projects while the adults meet to increase their ability to effectively support positive identity for their children. These markers allow children to create pictures of themselves and others that reflect the various hues of beauty that can be found in human skin tone! Yeah for Crayola in creating this particular assortment and for in making them available on-line.
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