Window Mega Markers

Product Description

Decorate windows, mirrors, and more with Crayola Washable Window Mega Markers! Specially formulated for writing on glass, these markers can be used to create fun and colorful designs on your windows for birthday parties, graduations, and other special occasions. And best of all, Crayola Washable Window Markers wash easily from skin and most clothes when you’re done. The set of 4 contains yellow, blue, green, and red markers. The school colors set contains white, blue, black, and red markers. The Mega Markers have three times the normal ink supply.

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unit: set of 4
description: school colors
Manu #58-8171
Item #83209
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unit: set of 4
description: Original
Manu #58-8166
Item #95402
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Rated by: Horton in New York, NY
These markers were dry and uneven. I have been using this brand for three years and never had a problem before. This was the first time i ordered them from you, and would not do so again.
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