Fabric Crayons

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Crayola® Craft Fabric Crayons are a quick, easy, and colorful way to transfer your own designs permanently to synthetic fabrics. Draw a design on non-glossy paper. Then transfer to cloth with heat from an iron. The colors transfer brilliantly. Used with creative techniques by students of all ages. Fabric crayon colors: magenta, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, burnt sienna, black. Tuck box. #5009

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description: box of 8
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Rated by: L Ratcliff in Beckley wv 25918
These Fabric Crayons do wonders in making a quilt, I did the Southernbelle Quilt & it was beautiful.
Rated by: Norma F. in Pasco, WA
We are making a quilt with children at Sunday School. This product works well with the children. The order arrived in good time.
Rated by: Patricia W. in Dallas, TX
Bought these to help my grandkids decorate plain cloth napkins for a gift for their mother. Great results. Good price and speedy delivery.
Rated by: Priscilla H. in East Haddam, CT
We are having so much fun with these crayons! My 7 year old used them to embellish a pillow case and her brownie troop will be using them to make aprons.
Rated by: Hope B. in Butler, MD
We use the crayons directly onto tee shirts and pillowcases and canvas bags. After the artwork is colored in we iron the garment to bring out the colors. We sell the shirts and the crayons together and it really looks great.
Rated by: joyce H. in Newark, OH
I loved the Idea, but in reality not so good. you had to color real hard(press hard) not easy for kids. but did transfer real easy.
Rated by: Diane Z. in Berkeley, CA
Produced brilliant colors in a fabric art project for 6 year olds in which kids colored on sandpaper and we transferred the designs to t-shirts; transferred easily; the kids were very proud of their product (The only problem we had is that we had to secretly color over some spots on the paper so that the color would be even). The fact that you can't put it in the dryer is a big issue - most parents don't want to have to watch out for delicate kid's t-shirts.
Rated by: Kimberly F. in Canandaigua, NY
We used the fabric crayons to make sweatshirts for our Art to Wear Try-It. They worked really well! The girls (mostly 7 year-olds) drew pictures of themselves on white paper then ironed the pictures onto the back of a light gray 50/50 sweatshirt. As long as the pictures were colored in darkly, the pictures transferred quite nicely! The only thing I didn't like is that you have to warn the parents not to put the finished product in the dryer as the picture will fade nearly completely.
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