Calligraphy Ink Intro Set

Product Description

This introductory set of inks includes six 30 ml bottles of color. Green, Sepia, Crimson and Dark Blue are suitable for use in a dip pen, fountain pen, airbrush and technical pen. Black and Gold are for use only with dip pen and brush. All Winsor & Newton Calligraphy Inks have been formulated with carefully chosen pigments to ensure maximum brilliance of color. They are lightfast, non-waterproof, non-clogging, and particularly suited for calligraphy.

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Rated by: Richard H. in harrisonburg, VA
Inks are free-flowing, brillint and opaque. Excellent value!
Rated by: Margaret H. in St. Paul, MN
These inks flow very nicely, with the exception of the Gold. It is very thick and hard to work with, in fact most of the time I can not get it to write (although I tend to use quill type nibs in my pen holders). I have used a couple of other brands though and over all I do prefer the Winsor&Newton brand. I get between 8-10 words per dip.
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