Perfix Colourless Fixative

Product Description

Perfix is a colorless fixative for pastel, crayon, or charcoal drawings that has a minimal effect on tonal values. CFC-free, ozone friendly.

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size: 150 ml can
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Rated by: Lorna T. in Phoenix, AZ
Works great!!!
Rated by: Kimberly F. in Atlanta, GA
I have used this product to seal inkjet printer graphics prior to coating them with a glossy sealant. I have found that Daler-Rowney Perfix's spray consistency is superior to its competitors such as Krylon. It sprays more "seamless" and doesn't tend to bubble or leave marks. It is crystal clear and enhances the color just a bit. It is important to note that the bottle is about half of the size of a normal spray fixative.
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