Prestige Student Series Nylon Soft Case

Product Description

Made of strong, weather resistant black nylon with reinforced double stitched handles, the heavy weight of textbooks, etc. is not a problem. Full length zipper across the top provides easy access to art or school work. When a large bag is not needed, this does the job simply fold down for easy storage.

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size: 12 in. x 15 in.
Manu #N1215
Item #36253
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size: 20 in. x 26 in.
Manu #N2026
Item #35452
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Rated by: Robin E. in SLC, UT
This bag is perfect for carrying my drawing pads and supplies. It is durable and cheap. I just wish it had a shoulder strap.
Rated by: Matej B. in Springfield, MO
Dont wory that it's a soft case, put a pieace of cardboard in, that will do the the trick. This portfolio is a lot stronger than those hard case ones.
Rated by: Judy P. in Waterbury, CT
Excellent product. I was looking for an inexpensive case to keep our drawing pad & charcoal in as we like to do rubbings at cemetaries we pass by. Until I found this product, all I could find were expensive leather cases which would not have suited my needs. Not only was this case inexpensive but it is also waterproof, an extra bonus. This product is excellent.
Rated by: Brittany B. in Reedsville, OH
Strong, durable bag...Good for small uses and for someone without the need for all the extra utensils.
Rated by: janie a. in augusta, KY
This product is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted something for my daughter,7 to carry her art projects. It is the perfect size, alittle larger than 8 1/2 x 11 paper plus holds all her needed pencils, marker, etc. Thanks!
Rated by: Hayley J. in SS, MD
I bought this as a cheap extra case to keep my drawings safe and clean for my portfolios. I now use this everyday to transport my paper and supplies. It is lightweight, durable, and just the right size. To bad there is not a shoulder strap though, my back would appreciate that.
Rated by: Chelsea J. in San Antonio, TX
Very durable, and perfect for artists who, at most, need to carry a drawing board, paper pad and possibly a pencil box/bag. My only two complaints are that there is no shoulder strap or place to attach one(I had to add my own). Also, a smaller pocket on the inside or out would have been nice to carry smaller supplies.
Rated by: mengyin l. in columbia, SC
It is a good bag. It's durable, pretty good quality. The problem is it is too small -- I got the largest and it is barely enough for my drawing pad and board. But if you only need to put a 18x24 pad in it, it is the best choice.
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