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Now you can make even, flat sheets, knead two colors together, or simply soften polymer clay with this Pasta Machine. Techniques such as marbeling and slabworking become easier and faster when clay is rolled through the machine. The machine is also great for working soft metal sheets. Add or transfer texture and designs by rolling with texture plates. The machine features seven thickness settings, sturdy stainless steel construction, and removable crank for easy storage. The Feeder Tray attaches to the back of the Pasta Machine to help feed large sheets of clay through the machine. Feeder Tray is sold separately.

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description: craft clay machine
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Rated by: CJ in OK
I've tried using a rolling pin and other objects...This makes everything so much effort involved except for your imagination. The ease of blending colors is endless. Highly recommend this.
Rated by: Kelley in Florida
This is not a machine for the serious clay-artist. Light weight, does not stay secure on the table. It looks as though I am the only one against it, maybe I just got a bad one. On the good side, does have very reasonable prices, and shipping is very fast.
Rated by: Janiece S. in St. Louis, MO
Great, sturdy machine. Delivered before expected, good pricing and will shop here again.
Rated by: Beth R. in Morganton, NC
makes working with large amounts of clay so much easier
Rated by: Shannon K. in Cleveland, OH
Having one of these is a MUST if you're going to be working with polymer clay. I used to hand knead my clay from start to finish and my hands would ACHE the next day (I work in bigger pieces). This really gets the clay started. It installs easily on any secure tabletop surface.
Rated by: Katherine B. in Denver, CO
I got my AMACO Pasta Machine about a year ago - and I love it! It has been put through the "wringer" (ha ha) and I've never had any substantial problems. There can be a tendency for it to leave a black grease-like substance on your clay - but that's easily corrected. It continues to perform just as well as it did a year ago - even after very heavy use. I would recommend ordering the feeder plate with it - I didn't get one at first but it makes a tremendous difference. These are great little machines - they make life easier for a small cost. Even if you don't clay real often, I would still consider it a necessity in the clayer's tool box.
Rated by: Sharon E. in New York City, NY
This is easy to set up, easy to use, and available at a terrific price - I'm an absolute beginner and figuring out how to successfully use this product was so quick and easy.
Rated by: Margaret M. in Wilmington, DE
Love the weight of the pasta machine. Handles the clay beautifully!
Rated by: Josh V. in Willowbrook, IL
Works perfectly...clay rarely sticks and pasta machine can deal with lots wear and tear. I would recommend it.
Rated by: kathy c. in lakeplacid, NY
I bought this pasta machine the same time my 28 year old daughter bpught hers,and I use mine alot more than her and she has gone through two of another brand. My craft store is stocking the other brand for some reason but they are not the same. This is well worth the money. It takes a beaton. Good product.
Rated by: Maria E. in Chicago, IL
makes conditioning a breeze and texturing great fun
Rated by: Jacqueline R S. in Cudahy, WI
This pasta machine works better than the one I use for Foods. The design is excellent. The one I use for foods has a design flaw in it and it was a pricey machine...Buy 2 of these if you want one for pasta.
Rated by: Iris S. in Fair Lawn, NJ
This pasta machine has exceeded my expectations. The machine is simple to operate, and the results are excellent, while the price is fair and competitive with other sellers. I searched all possible sellers online but the Pasta Machine from "Mister-Art" was the best bargain, boasting the greatest price reduction, and the most economic shipping costs. The delivery was prompt, and I received the machine sooner than I had expected.
Rated by: Amy S. in Kaneohe, HI
I love this machine. I don't know why I waited so ong to get one. It's great for softening the clay and making sheets of an even thickness.
Rated by: Shirley v. in Rotterdam, NY
Product arrived on time and helps me to bring my fimo works to perfection. Great machine with a great price.
Rated by: Barbara S. in Potomac Falls, VA
I LOVE this machine! Working with clay is so much easier and fun now. I have made so many things since I received this -- in just two weeks! A great buy at this price.
Rated by: cemre o. in los angeles, CA
very good pasta machine, good price
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