High Temp Wire

Product Description

Special high-temperature alloy wire (HTW 17 gauge, HTS 24 gauge) can be used for any project that requires wire support in high temperatures of ceramic kilns; bottle sagging, bead supports, special stilts, element pins, kiln furniture, cone holders. 10 ft. per pack. Can be fired up to cone 5.

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gauge: 17 gauge
length: 10 ft.
Manu #HTW
Item #35720
15% off
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gauge: 24 gauge
length: 10 ft.
Manu #HTS
Item #53617
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(based on 9 reviews)


Rated by: Brenda Phillips in Columbus, GA
Product arrived very quickly, and I am very happy with it. I will definitely order from you again. I am totally happy.
Rated by: Linda in Salem, MA
Exactly what I needed and for a very good price. And it arrived incredibly fast--without express shipping. I will shop here again.
Rated by: Joyce in Nowalk, CT
This is exactly what I had wanted and I got it at the best available price with easy ordering and swift delivery, I recommend this company.
Rated by: Omega Glass in Seattle, WA
This is the only wire we use in our fusing, and Misterart is the only company we buy it from. The price is right, and they ship it fast.
Rated by: Beth R. in Morganton, NC
It does the job, but the color changes.
Rated by: Beth R. in Morganton, NC
works well, easy to manipulate
Rated by: kelcey c. in Tauranga New Zealand, CA
This wire I have been using for 8 years. It never lets me down. The earrings I make never wear, rust or have the wire bend after I fuse them. This is something when I wear them scubadiving all the time! It is the best!
Rated by: deborah . in Bend, OR
Wonderful wire to work with. Bends easily and fires great.
Rated by: Gary G. in Lincoln, NE
The wire worked GREAT--pliable and put up with the heat of our home-made raku kiln with no problems.
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