Ceramic Tool Kit

Product Description

The seven most practical and popular Kemper tools for ceramists. The complete tool kit contains one each: wire loop sgraffito, cleanup tool, cut out tool, palette knife, lace tool, sabre saw, salt & pepper drill.

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unit: set of 7
Manu #CTK7
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Rated by: John Arthur in Spokane WA
Well made,mostly in stainless steel, well fitted into the well made holders. Kemper is always a class act. Haven't the least idea what some of these tools will do, but that is why I got them.
Rated by: Tanya R. in Lawton, OK
This set is FABULOUS! Precision tools included for both additive and subtractive methods of sculpting. I use these tools for wet and dry clay and they work wonders for exacting detail!
Rated by: Jodi Ter B. in Fond du Lac, WI
Exactly as pictured!
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