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This stretched cotton canvas is made from 11 oz. cotton duck, a heavier weight, superior quality cloth with medium grain surface. Triple coated with acid free sizing and two coats of highly pigmented acrylic primer, its balanced absorbency and tooth prevents sinking of oil colors and improves adhesion. Its frame has been specially constructed with kiln fired, beveled stretcher bars, and the canvas has been stretched by hand for best tension and tailored corners. The canvas is stapled on the back. The Artists’ Canvas is ideal for use with oil (including water mixable), acrylic, and alkyd color, and for all techniques, including heavy paint applications. Canvases are 3/4 in. deep. Canvases 18 in. x 24 in. through 24 in. x 36 in. have one additional support bar. Canvases 28 in. x 36 in, through 30 in. x 48 in. have two additional support bars. Canvases 36 in. x 48 in. and larger have three additional support bars.

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size: 12 in. x 24 in.
unit: each
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size: 18 in. x 24 in.
unit: carton of 6
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size: 9 in. x 12 in.
unit: carton of 6
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(based on 53 reviews)


Rated by: studio artist in Ontario, Canada
I find these canvases of poor quality. Rough surface with thin coating of gesso.
Rated by: Jenn in Redwood City, CA
Great canvases at a great price! I don't paint professionally and I don't paint all that often but when I do I don't want to break the bank for some canvases, buying packages at such a great price is perfect.
Rated by: Nanc G in Newburg, PA
I think this is a great product, and am pleased with it. This is the first time I have ever used this brand of canvas.
Rated by: thomadro in vegas/hawaii
The canvas itself is ok - a bit rough on the tooth. What I am troubled by is how many of these have warped bars!!! I buy 40 - 100 medium to large canvasses at a time and many of these do NOT pass muster - the inexpensive price is not so cheap when you have to toss too many...
Rated by: Piliero in Vermont
I have been using this canvas for many years. The stretcher boards are one piece, and not spliced like other companies. My only concern is what they are using to prime the canvas with. It seems the paint [ acrylic ] is not sticking to the canvas very well. But I prime it and all is well. For the price you can not beat it. I love Winsor Newton canvas ,and for stretched canvas it is all I use." Try it you will like it ! "
Rated by: Dennis Shinn in Iron River,Michigan has the best price anywhere,and great canvas to work on.My canvas was shiped and arrived in good conditioin, and also I must say time of shipment was outstanding.Thanks for the fine service.
Rated by: Mike K in Lancaster CA
The product came on time, was in excellent condition, and the price was the best. What more can you ask for. Thanks
Rated by: piliero in Vermont
For my money Winsor Newton canvas are the best. They are strong and well made. I have sold hundreds of paintings on this canvas and have had great feed back on them .This canvas stands the test of time.
Rated by: Dennis S. in Florida
Great quality canvas and a good price.
Rated by: melissa s. in santa cruz, CA
i loved it great canvas price was awesome, took the paint beautifully, will get more for sure!
Rated by: Ronald B. in BLOWING ROCK, NC
Great canvas for the price. Noted only a few inperfections in two cartons of 6 each. Will buy again.
Rated by: Victoria E. in Manchester, MI
Good size for just starting out.
Rated by: Matice M. in Madison, NJ
These canvases are great. They are perfect for students. They are gessoed and the paint glides on with ease. Great for oils and acrylics. Price is a bargan too!! I recommend.
Rated by: Meg D. in Kennesaw, GA
I normally use Fredrix red label, but they were out of the size I needed so I bought this. I'm not loving the rougher tooth, though it's billed as a medium grain and balanced tooth. It's not a terrible canvas, I simply prefer the Fredrix.
Rated by: Arlene K. in Payson, AZ
This is a high-quality product at a reasonable price. Love it.
Rated by: sue t. in Ashburn, VA
Good canvas for a great price! I was pleasantly surprised.
Rated by: Heidi K. in Charlotte , NC
Winsor & Newton canvas are great! I can always count on them for a variety of small size stretched canvas - staples on the back are a must. I paint them then glue and /or attach objects for my 3D projects. I do smaller pieces to hang so I need clean sides for a professional finish.
Rated by: Victoria L. in Ben Lomond, CA
Very nice, makes painting easier, high quality.
Rated by: deb m. in easton, PA
I was very pleasantly suprised with the quality of this product. I would absolutely order more!
Rated by: Virginia T Y. in Maspeth, NY
I was mostly satisfied except for a canvas that was in between the rest, as it was not in the very best condition
Rated by: Renea H. in Midland, TX
I love the canvases, they work very well for small collage. I liked them so much that I mentioned on my art blog site so that others would know about these canvases & the great prices.
Rated by: Heather M. in Baton Rouge, LA
This is one of my favorite pre-stretched canvas. I've noticed that some other pre-stretched canvas have the staples right on the sides of the frame, but these are stapled at the back, allowing for a smooth look without making a frame completely necessary.
Rated by: Michael A. in Pittsburgh, PA
Great canvas at a great price! This is the only inexpensive brand of good quality canvas I have used that satisfies all of my needs. I looked high and low for a canvas that (1) is 8-ounce (all other brands appear to be 7-ounce in this price range) ... (2) has a nice tooth (not too rough like some cheap canvas brands) ... (3) is made well (some brands come warped and uneven, but this brand is consistently even with nice clean edges) and (4) stapled on the back. What more can you ask for in an affordable artist's canvas? The W&N logo is even stamped on the back of the stretcher bars! Please continue to carry this brand! I order here now instead of at Dick Blick solely because they do not carry this line of canvas.
Rated by: Alessandra P. in Bakersfield, CA
Great quality canvas at a very good price. I recommend all products from this brand.
Rated by: Dana C. in Snohomish, WA
Winsor & Newton Canvases are sturdy and the textures are well suited to acrylic paints, although the canvas could be streched a little tighter as not to bump into the support boards from behind... I am thankful for the many different sizes avalible. I bought two 30X40 canvases which is a difficult size to find. Thank you
Rated by: KAREN S. in franklin, IN
Very pleased with the canvases. Exactly what I was wanting. I liked the fact they were also 3/4" deep, I like the no framing look and the canvas shows nicely, with a three dimensional effect.
Rated by: Jennifer D. in Corona, CA
These are really great canvases, especially for the price. I have used many different brands of canvas over the years and this one is at the top of my list. It's hard to find nice, inexpensive canvas with staple-free sides; this canvas is all that.
Rated by: Dolores D. in Sebastopol, CA
Good solid construction, these are a joy to work with and the price is excellent.
Rated by: vickie g. in prospect, KY
How great to be able to do what I love, and because of the savings I receive from Mister Art I can make a much better profit!
Rated by: Tobey C. in Cambria, CA
This was a pleasant surprise! I have sampled virtually every brand of these pre-stretched canvases for a one hundred 8 X 10 paintings project, and this wonderful heavy weight, lush surface and affordable price is a great combo. I will definitely be making this my brand of choice in the future. I am curious how it holds up in a larger size, but my guess is that it does well!
Rated by: Kari C. in Valencia, CA
I love the quality....and the price is right from MisterArt.
Rated by: Iryna O. in Burbank, CA
I like these canvases best of all. They are medium grained and absorb oil smoothly. They are very well stretched. Very good quality, especially for the price. Packing is excellent.
Rated by: g n. in montgomery, AL
A well constructed canvas. I love the extra support bar, something NOT found on other canvases. I highly recommend these canvas.
Rated by: philip h. in oakland, CA
excellent canvases. it also includes wooden spacers, which lets you stretch it, if it begins to sag over time.
Rated by: Jennifer V. in Poconos, PA
These canveses are perfect for heavy paint applications - as specified and they were packaged and shipped perfectly! Thanks Mr Art for providing quality items at an affordable price.
Rated by: Pamela F. in Irving, TX
I was so pleased with my first order of these canvases that I immediately ordered more and will continue to. Your prices and service are superior to the company I have ordered from for years and I favor Windsor and Newton prodcuts. Thank you.
Rated by: christy H. in Santa Fe, NM
The canvas is very well-built. The gesso priming however is not to the standard of other manufacurers. Its tooth is raw in feel. I need to reprime the several I purchased
Rated by: Judy K. in Everett, MA
I love using this canvas. For me it is best for some of my projects. The sids are very neat and smooth so I can paint all around.
Rated by: jan B. in Crystal River, FL
Our first seminar with the Winsor Newton wrapped canvas. 15 students for the seminar were quite impressed with this product. The canvas took the oil paint so smoothly and didn't lift the paint as it started to dry. Have another seminar coming up and will be reording this product again
Rated by: joanna p. in sutter creek, CA
love the quality of this canvas...I will be back to buy lots more. great prices and supper fast shipping!
Rated by: Phyllisann A. in Reed Plantation, ME
I love this canvas! Smooth and accepts paint very well.
Rated by: lillie b. in boron, CA
The script brushes were exactly what I wanted and as with the canvases I was surprised at the the fast delievery. Will be shopping with you soon when the customer is treated as I have been treated in this purchase.
Rated by: lillie b. in boron, CA
The stretched canvas exceeded my expection for the price. I believe I was more surprised with the promptness of delievery I was not expecting such a rapid response to the order. Thank you for giving such rapid service and an excellent product.
Rated by: RW S. in Winlock, WA
These canvases are great. Wrapped edges allow side painting, included corner strechers and a center support. Superior quality! Thank you!
Rated by: Mira Elizabeth M. in Parsippany, NJ
I really enjoy the canvases and appreciate having a cost-effective option.
Rated by: Francine H. in Oldsmar, FL
Very nice good quality canvas.
Rated by: Melody L. in Dothan, AL
Love these canvases! The quality is amazing, especially for the price! The canvas wraps around the frame (so you don't see any staples on the side)! Will definitely continue to purchase these canvases as long as they're available! I've even started ordering them in the 6-packs.
Rated by: Debra H. in Lebanon, OR
I am very pleased with the W&N canvas. I have paid much more for other brands that were not as good. Great quality at a reasonable price!
Rated by: Shirley R. in Rochester, MN
We purchased these canvases and were thrilled with the quality. We loved the way the canvas wrapped around the frame so we could paint the edge and immediately hang our original art work without need of a frame.
Rated by: Heather M. in Missoula, MT
Great canvas, especially for the price!!! I would recommend it to anyone.
Rated by: Heather O. in Rio Dell, CA
This is a great canvas!!!Perfect! Perfect! Perfect!
Rated by: C. R. in Houston, TX
Best I have used for the money.
Rated by: Kristy C. in Beaumont, CA
These are the best canvas' I have used for the price. I highly recommend these to anyone!
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