Primed Floorcloth Canvas

Product Description

Fredrix® Floorcloth Canvas is great for the beginner floor cloth artist. You can skip the priming and the hemming step and immediately create a painted rug. The top surface is double acrylic primed to accept oil, acrylic, or stenciling paints. The back side is single primed for extra body and stiffness. Fredrix® Floorcloth Canvas is an extra heavy 12 oz. cotton available in a 2 ft. x 3 ft. mat.

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size: 2 ft. x 3 ft. roll
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Rated by: Vicky G. in PA
Perfect product, service, and customer satisfaction follow-up. Will return for more floorcloth canvas! My first attempt at making a painted floorcloth, and this canvas was beautiful to work with, even with me being a beginner. Thanks!
Rated by: Anne in Fallston MD
Fabulous product...I just taught some friends how to paint a floorcloth and it was so great to be able to get these pre-primed and ready to go at a reasonable price!
Rated by: Darlyne W. in Coushatta, LA
I love using these for banners; it is the perfect weight and the perfect size. I create a casing at the top and hem the edges using glue.
Rated by: Theresa W. in gasport, NM
I was very pleased with the mat and being already primed it saved steps and time. I would buy it again.
Rated by: Suzanne H. in Gowanda, NY
these primed floorcloths are a wonderful surface to paint, stencil or whatever on, and the resuable tubes make it a snap for gift giving!!!
Rated by: lauren c. in moorestown, NJ
fabulous product....well packed, wonderful surface and you can use the shipping tube it came in if you are sending it to a customer...ideal
Rated by: dorothy s. in portland, OR
love the service very fast great canvas works wonderful for me
Rated by: Maureen S. in Jacksonville, FL
Excellent product for floorcloths, although in previous orders, I have found a crease in the canvas from the style of rolling used to put canvas in tube. Unable to get crease out and had to cut useless section off (width cut).
Rated by: Susan R. in Tampa, FL
This is a great ready to work on canvas...when your inspiration is on fire and you have no floorcloth canvas prepared yet.
Rated by: Nina F. in Summerfield, FL
This is an excellent product. I especially like the fact that it is primed. This way you can start with your base coat.
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