Polyflax Primed Canvas

Product Description

Fredrix Polyflax Acrylic Primed Canvas is made from synthetic fiber yarns which are stronger then natural fibers. These canvases boast acid-free acrylic titanium priming and are available in a variety of styles. No. 500 Washington Square canvas is made from a lightweight blend of Polyflax and cotton, delivering a smooth texture.No. 520 Red Lion canvas is made of Polyflax, a synthetic material developed to provide a stronger, lighter art surface. Delivers an even, uniform texture.

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style: no. 500 Washington Square
size: 60 in. x 100 yd. roll
Manu #10583
Item #66548
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style: no. 520 Red Lion
size: 59 in. x 6 yd. roll
Manu #1059
Item #86191
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Rated by: Daniel L. in Minneapolis, MN
This is an excellent canvas for portrait painting, at least, for my style of portrait painting. It has a texture which, even though it's partially synthetic doesn't look machine made, and it won't sag over time as much as heavier all natural textiles (try filling up with warm water (enough to saturate) and then dumping same from the back of your stretched canvas after stretching to eliminate any wrinkles.)
Rated by: Stan C. in Seattle, WA
Found polyflax difficult to stretch. It's stiff and difficult to get wrinkles out of it once stretched. Provides too slick a surface until get a layer of paint on it. Have to reprime it for best results.
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