Archival Watercolor Canvas Roll

Product Description

Fredrix Watercolor Stretched Canvas is a revolutionary new watercolor media made of 100% cotton artist canvas. The unique texture of an all natural woven material in combination with a proprietary patented, specially formulated gesso for all water based paints, delivers a unique new watercolor painting experience and distinctive look that can only be captured on canvas. Frame with or without glass. Won't tear like paper so you can scratch it, scrape it, or staple it. Wet and rewet it and it will not damage the canvas. Acid free.

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size: 58 in. x 6 yd.
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Rated by: Lori K. in Reno, NV
I love using this canvas because of the fine weave. It's so much easier for me to paint the detailed paintings I like to paint without having to fight against the weave of regular canvas. I don't have the problem of getting those little white spots where that paint misses because of the weave either.
Rated by: Mary Ann B. in Novelty, OH
I have been painting exclusively on this canvas for two years and LOVE it!
Rated by: Denise H. in Deer Lodge, MT
I am so excited about this new canvas...I can't wait to use it!What a wonderful value!
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