Acrylic Gesso

Product Description

This white, acrylic based primer can be used as the ground for almost any type of paint. It can be used on a variety of surfaces, any that will readily accept paint, and it dries within minutes to a brilliant, non-yellowing, non-cracking white. Liquitex Acrylic Gesso can be mixed with acrylic colors to provide a toned ground. It can also be thinned with water. Liquitex Acrylic Gesso comes in a variety of jar sizes, from 4 oz. to 1 gal.

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size: 128 oz.
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Rated by: Felice K. in Buffalo, NY
This is a little thinner than some gesso I have used in the past, but overall the application is smooth and clean.
Rated by: Gertrude Y. in New Canaan, CT
Nice consistency and easy to use.
Rated by: Alexander W. in West Lafayette, IN
I use white gesso for base coats on customized model horses. It was recommended by the book I refer to and mixes very well with white acrylics to form a smooth coat.
Rated by: Victoria M. in Ruidoso, NM
Excellent Gesso, with enough body and is creamy, with good coverage.
Rated by: Jon T. in Pierre, SD
I bought this as an experiment - looking for an alternative to Krylon or other canned primers. I thinned it about a 2:1 ratio with Liquitex airbrush medium, and primed miniatures using an airbrush. After practice to find the right technique, I found it provides a strong and durable cover yet shrunk to the minute details of the miniature without obscuring them. In another experiment, even after sanding, it provided a hard surface with ample "tooth". MisterArt again provided excellent service at rock-bottom prices!
Rated by: shirley d. in fairmont, WV
Use on a daily basis for journals and altered books. great product
Rated by: Grace B. in Palm Coast, FL
This is my favorite, all purpose, gesso. I use it on canvas, rock, slate, and on whatever else I need to give a base cover. It covers great. So easy to use.
Rated by: Jen S. in Norfolk, VA
I used this to prime surfaces for paintings in art school and haven't used anything but. It's the best I've found so far.
Rated by: Sheileen G. in Redding, CA
This is the same brand the Art instructors purcase for class, and recomend for student use. If they think it is the best , then that's good enough for me!
Rated by: Bill L. in Evansville, WI
I have used cheap gesso, and the paint does not behave the same on top. This gesso provides a better painting surface. Surprisingly, it makes a significant difference.
Rated by: Peter S. in Boston, MA
Best choice for gesso!
Rated by: Elba O. in SA, TX
This gesso is my favorite!! Spreading it over the canvas is such pleasure, and it mixes great with colored paints if you want to achieve a different look.'s service was excellent, too!
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