Acrylic Colored Gesso

Product Description

This is a premium, colored acrylic gesso for preparing surfaces for acrylic and oil paint. Non-yellowing, flexible, and non-cracking, it provides an excellent base coat primer for most applications. One coat is almost always enough. Liquitex Colored Gesso is available in black, neutral gray, burnt umber, and unbleached titanium. All colors are hue balanced and intermixable to provide a wide variety of colored grounds.

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color: black
size: 8 oz.
Manu #5320251
Item #20064
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color: neutral gray value 5
size: 8 oz.
Manu #5320599
Item #84754
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(based on 10 reviews)


Rated by: Jess A. in Mansfield , OH
Great product. Flows easily. Drys quickly.
Rated by: Ruth c. in Susquehanna, PA
Just loved it, easy to work with. Did the job with ease. Cleans up nicely also.
Rated by: Tami D. in My Horeb, WI
Great product. I have used it as a base coat and also as a paint that was varnished later. It ended up darker then my black paint and was more affordable. I'll definitely be buying more.
Rated by: Marlene B. in Tontogany, OH
Wonderful consistency, flow, and coverage.The colors make a great undercoat for my backgrounds, saving on my acrylic paints. Would like to see larger bottles available sometime in the future?
Rated by: Tomomi N. in Phildelphia, PA
It covers canvas well without many layering. Also, it makes canvas surface great. I could noticed when I used it fot the first time. But the bottle size is so small that it runs out very fast. I need larger size bottle.
Rated by: lisa p. in miami beach, FL
great products, great price!
Rated by: Wayne G. in Mapleton, MN
I have used black gesso as a base surface to paint from. It has a flat finish that is much different that a regular black. I recommend it.
Rated by: Monica M. in Dallas, TX
Great on canvas, wood and metal. Superior coverage and easy to work with. Liquitex never disappoints! (I'm using the black gesso.)
Rated by: J D. in Sleepy Hollow, NY
Works very well on metal and plastic as a primer for acrylic paints. Very easy to work with, excellent coverage, good tooth, easy cleanup.
Rated by: Heidi F. in Shawano, WI
It is about time there is a product like this. I use to use regualr paint to get that old world glow like the great artist did,but with this product it is easier and cheaper and covers well.
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