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Fredrix Desktop Inkjet Canvas is made especially for your desktop printer. Some desktop printers will deliver better quality than others, but Fredrix Desktop Inkjet Canvas is recommended for use on HP, Epson, Lexmark, Canon, and other printers. The canvas is a fine woven blend of polyflax and cotton, and is specially coated with an acid free acrylic titanium gesso to provide long term archival quality just like Fredrix Artist Canvas. Apply a clear topcoat for greater ink adhesion and to deliver better, more color intense reproduction. Available in 8.5 in. x 11 in. pack of 10 sheets (shown) and 11 in. x 17 in. pack of 6 sheets. 16 mil thickness. 325 gsm weight.

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size: 11 in. x 17 in.
unit: pack of 6 sheets
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size: 8.5 in. x 11 in.
unit: pack of 10 sheets
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(based on 24 reviews)


Rated by: nancy Katz in Chicago
Really nice! A great way to get those beautiful "paintings" of the Great grand Children!
Rated by: LLW in Kentucky
This product is great. I can not believe the prints of my art work that I am getting from it. Would recommend it to anyone.
Rated by: Jennifer S. in West Palm Beach, FL
this is great canvas inkjet paper. definitely worth ordering from
Rated by: J S. in West Palm Beach, FL
I agree, the paper is amazing, but the service is even better. Buy this paper now if you even are thinking of printing on canvas.
Rated by: Linda B. in New Baltimore, MI
Great product - it was exactly what I was looking for. First attempt the ink smudged a little, so it definitely needs some protective coating but very easy to handle and clear printing results.
Rated by: Richard S. in Arlington, TX
I used another brand because I could not find Fredrix Desktop Inkject Canvas. Big mistake. It took some time but I was able to get the Fredrix brand. It is absolutely the best on the market and worth the wait!! I've made several projects for family and they were amazedand thrilled at the quality of the canvas prints.
Rated by: Olga T. in Aibonito, PR
In two words -- "BUY IT"
Rated by: Robert R. in Riverside, CA
This is the best product I have found for Scenics, Head Shots, and Nature photographs. I would, and have recommended it to all my associates.
Rated by: Roger S. in Wyoming, MI
I can say this canvas product is great. I have been using it now for the past few months for scenic and portraits and have been happy with it. It would be nice if Fredrix would have an ICC profile for it but after Emailing them and getting instructions my colors turned out good and the texture of this canvas is great. I would suggest to use a topcoat with this product.
Rated by: Kathlene K. in livingston, MT
liked these printer canvases. for my purposes i should have used a laser printer canvas but, when i discovered the inkjet worked well if i chose to print with extra layers of ink i finished an extensive project with them and everything worked really well. i'd buy them again and, as always, is the best!
Rated by: Cynthia P. in Plainvew, TX
Great product, I used it to print watercolor prints.
Rated by: Patricia B. in Chicopee, MA
This canvas produces stunning art. I will purchase it again from because the price can't be beat.
Rated by: Louis L. in Los Angeles, CA
This stuff is amazing! I was using a Epson 1280c and my print was flawless. The texture really made the text of my art project pop compared to how it looked on flat paper. I'll be using this canvas paper quite a bit in the future for other projects as well.
Rated by: Pete F. in Bowie, MD
This canvas paper is exactly what I was hoping for. I saw my first canvas photo at a photographers studio and was taken in by the format. I looked and found this paper and ordered it. I printed my first photo and was super impressed. I would recommend this canvas photo paper to anyone wishing to print using their injet photo printer.
Rated by: Robert R. in Riverside, CA
Thisis the best canvas for inkjet printers I have found. It works great on scenic, floral and head shot photos. I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to add a professional, artistic look to their photos.
Rated by: Jane B. in Corpus Christi, TX
Great canvas, great pictures, the best canvas I've tried. Will order again.
Rated by: J. R. B. in Monroe, NC
Fantastic product, works like a charm with my Dell and HP printers, quality of the prints looks professional. This has the look and feel of canvas. I couldn't be more pleased.
Rated by: thomas b. in fairview, NC
I absolutely love this stuff! I use it to make prints of my artwork to sell amongst other things. The quality is always excellent and it is easy to use. My order arrived before I thought it would.
Rated by: S. A. N. in Quartz Hill, CA
My husband and I held our breath...the copy was okay on paper but what about this time? Could my old HP handle this canvas? Gorgeous, a thing of beauty from the Master's that we'd always wanted. Thanks, Mister!
Rated by: Dain G. in Laveen, AZ
Print these out on heavy paper setting, highest quality. Allow the print some white space so it will be suitable for framing. Spray some workable fixative, add extra brush-strokes with acrylic gel medium to simulate texture and accentuate details, and you will end up with some very high quailty prints. The results are well worth the extra effort. An excellent complement for good quailty digital images of your work, and a great way to make your images more accessible to all art collectors.
Rated by: Beverly H. C. in Titusville, FL
I am extremely pleased with this canvas paper. It is great to use in the printer as well as to oil paint on. I highly recommend it.
Rated by: Mary A. in Fernandina Beach, FL
Awesome Stuff! Makes great Photos for gifts!
Rated by: Kelly D. in Flint, MI
I use the canvas to make great prints of my artwork-and the prints look like original paintings-especially if you mount these canvas sheets on blank canvas panels. All you have to do is buy some blank canvas panels (for about a dollar), glue your printed canvas sheets to the panel (which cost about a dollar a piece), seal the print with acrylic sealer, and you are done! You will have about $2.00 into your prints and your customers will be impressed at how awesome your prints look! These canvas panels allow me to command a much better price for my prints too! So if you are looking for a more professional way to promote your artwork, this is the route to go. I will never go back to printing my prints on regular photo-type paper after using these canvas sheets. And there is no need for me to go to the retail printer to have my prints copied on to canvas, because honestly, my home copier/printer does just as nice of a job of printing my prints as the retail printer does-and I save a ton of money doing it all myself!
Rated by: Robert C. in Los Angeles, CA
This is great stuff. I'm able to make EXCELLENT prints with a good InkJet printer and sell them hand signed. The product is super-cool, but you must have a good printer. only downside; Wish larger sizes were available in sheets
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