LW15 Badger Softener Brush

Product Description

The Badger Softener is an invaluable tool for the grainer of woods. Its soft delicate tips help create the most beautiful effects in watercolors, especially creating fine blended lines in such woods as burr walnut, burnt elm, mahogany feathered, and rosewood.

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size: 2 in.
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size: 3 in.
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(based on 17 reviews)


Rated by: L. McCarthy in South FLA.
We love these badger brushes. We've tried the $200 brushes, and these are just as good! We use these in our classes without the fear of loosing a huge tool investment. Our students love them too! Never have problems with the quality of the brush loosing hair, the wood cracking , or the handle detaching. Very easy to clean too. Great brush, especially for the price.
Rated by: Steph M in Seattle, WA
Really great price for such a nice blender. I use them for glass painting and they are perfect.
Rated by: Cindy W. in Cleburne, TX
This brush is great! You can't find a better deal anywhere on Badger brushes for traditional stained glass painting. Trust me I've looked everywhere. I was worried that maybe they were cheap knock offs- but they are not!
Rated by: Julie S. in Monroe, LA
Love the Badger brush. I only wish you carried more glass painting supplies.
Rated by: paul c. in san rafael, CA
royal& langnickel lw15 fauw badger softener brush
Rated by: Susan D. in Central, NY
Dependable as the day is long... can't paint without my set of them.
Rated by: Judy B. in Novato, CA
Good quality brush for very reasonable price. I would like to see even larger brushes offered! Thanks!
Rated by: Judy S. in San Antonio, TX
Great brushes, great bargain! Very good for stained glass paint matting.
Rated by: Judy A. in San Antonio, TX
Great quality, especially for the price. I will be back..............
Rated by: John H. in West Monroe, LA
The Badger softener brushes are fabulous. This is the best price I have ever seen for this tool. Delivery time was excellent. Thanks!
Rated by: Amanda G. in Wichita, KS
We love your badger brushes!!! They are a great product and affordable too.
Rated by: Phillip M. in Fairfax, VA
This is a great badger brush. I find it better than other badger brushes that cost 10 times as much!
Rated by: Phillip M. in Fairfax, VA
This brush is a faux painting brush but made with real badger hair according to the label. That means that this is one of the best deals on the market. Excellent.
Rated by: Phillip M. in Fairfax, VA
This is a great product. Badger brushes are used in glass painting to smooth out glass stainers colors for delicate shading. This faux badger brush is just as good or better than real badger brushes I've seen costing over 5 times as much. A great product.
Rated by: Bri S. in Lakeridge, VA
I, too, am very pleased with this brush. i have other badger blenders which were much more costly and this one can hold it's own. i plan to purchase more. the prompt delivery was also great ! glad i found you.
Rated by: Suzette A. in Lafayette, CO
I am very pleased with this brush. You can easily buy a badger blender of poor quality at your local home improvment store for $30.00 or spend more than $100.00 on imported badger brushes but this one represents the very best value for a brush of it's kind. This brush is well made with the same quality badger hair as found in the more expensive brushes and holds up well. If you are new to faux finishing or even if you make a living at faux finishing and are looking for a good quality brush for your apprentice this is THE brush to buy.
Rated by: Johana S. in Prince George, VA
The product came in a timely fashion via UPS. The Badger brush is of good quality and works well with doing faux painting. I especially loved the price. I will use MisterArt.com for future supplies.
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