Series 7 Kolinsky Sable Miniature Brushes

Product Description

These short handled miniature painting brushes are crafted to the same superior quality as Series 7. The only difference is that the hair is shorter out of the ferrule, so that the point of the brush can be more accurately controlled during the most delicate work. Like all Series 7 brushes, they are manufactured from only the finest taper dressed, pure Kolinsky Sable hair. They feature rust proof, seamless nickel plated ferrules and elegant, black polished handles.

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(based on 9 reviews)


Rated by: Travis B in Portland OR
I have been a long time user of these brushes and they are well worth the investment. Use a little conditioner and rinse before you store them and they will last a long time. A single brush lasted me about a year and I painted hundreds of miniatures with it. The tips don't curl or fray and there are never stray hairs, and they even stand up to dry brushing when you condition them occasionally.
Rated by: susan c. in haworth, NJ
Great brushes for miniature models.
Rated by: Sarah W. in Prairie du Chien, WI
This is a great brush, well worth the money. The paint control and application is fantastic.
Rated by: Chris T. in Bloomington, IL
These are fabulous brushes with smooth results and can last a long time.
Rated by: Carol H. in Creedmoor, NC
So far I own only one of these marvelous brushes. Today I'll order more. The control of the short bristles is wonderful. I paint tiny flowers with lots of detail and finally my brush is working with me instead of against me.
Rated by: Allen D. in Kansas City, MO
Great brushes! I paint 25/28mm figures and this is the best brush I have ever used.
Rated by: Luke B. in Columbus, OH
Great brushes. Excellent tips, and easy to wield when painting miniatures. They seem to hold paint well and are fine enough for great detail work (for the smaller range of sizes).
Rated by: Guillaume C. in Huntington, NY
This is simply the best mini brush on the market. Perfect in all aspects, and durable.
Rated by: Sandra G. in Saint Paul, MN
I paint 28mm miniature figures and needed good detail brushes. After trying more than 50 different types of brushes - only to have them split or bend on the tips, I purchased these. I LOVE these brushes. I can't imagine using anything else now. They hold their tip, they load well, and with care I think they will last me for a long time. I'm finally happy with a brush.
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