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The brush with a water or color reservoir! Fill with water and use half pans in the field easier than ever before. Fill with Hydrus or any other brand of watercolor mixed in water and you can sketch and paint with a brand new freedom. The small, medium, and large brushes all hold 7 ml of water, and the mini holds 5 1/2 ml of water. Available in a variety of tip sizes.

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Rated by: patinthehat in Rockland, Maine
I keep finding more and more uses for these.Of course, I have one with my mini-palette of watercolors and a small pad for sketches that I carry in my pocketbook. Also work well with ultradraw ink to doodle with at odd moments, or a mix of ultramarine and burnt umber for darks with pen/ink drawings, and makes nice strokes for sumi practice or calligraphy. Tough, always sharp-pointed, reliable, no-leak-um, handy, comfortable and priced right.
Rated by: Haley B. in Seattle, WA
This and http://www.misterart.com/g2616/Winsor--Newton-Cotman-Sketchers-Pocket-Box.htm are my watercolor DREAM TEAM. I find it most useful for when I'm bored in class/work, because it's so quick and discreet. (You know, if you approve of such things.) Combined with a Tombo marker, it's also great for easy ink washes.
Rated by: Tony L. in santee, CA
great brushes, the only ones that i like.
Rated by: Donn K. in Live Oak, FL
A great way of working with watercolors when you don't want to carry or have a jar of water in front of you. Very good for sketching in watercolors. Used it on 8 x 10 watercolor canvas board and Yupo paper with no trouble. Wouldn't be without them.
Rated by: Debbie C. in Milwaukee, WI
These are really good for plein air watercolor painting. I can combine my brush and water container in one. I just have less to carry with me.
Rated by: Lauri F. in HNL, HI
I love these Yasutomo brushes for it's capacity to hold water or color making it convenient when you need to sketch and paint on the spot. I have all four sizes and have not regretted spending the $$ for it.
Rated by: Linda K. in Phoenix, AZ
I've been using a water brush with my watercolor pencils and love the detail and textures I've been able to achieve. The brushes have been reliable (not leaky) and are a joy to work with
Rated by: Sharon P. in Pasadena, MD
These waterbrushes are great. I wish I`d thought of the idea. They save time and help to keep the mess to a minimum.
Rated by: Clemmie K. in monroe, NC
Nice for stippling and for filling in small areas (such as letters on signs in watercolor paintings). You may desire more than one of these to accommodate different hues.
Rated by: Kelly D. in Flint, MI
RAVE! RAVE! RAVE! These waterbrushes are awesome-and I could not ever have enough of them! I use them when I am painting watercolor paintings. Talk about color control! These little gems control the color like nothing I have ever seen! You will LOVE these!
Rated by: ellen h. in north bend, OR
I use this brush to color in rubber stamp images using either watercolor crayons, pencils or pastel chalks. I blend colors right on the pastels or crayons. They work wonderfully and I can get some very detailed work or great washed effects.
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