Series 965 Golden Nylon & Natural Hair Wash Brushes

Product Description

These broad, flat shaped brushes are ideal for watercolor washes. Made from a blend of golden nylon and natural hair, they hold color well and can quickly cover large areas. These brushes feature copper colored handles with nickel plated seamless ferrules.

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size: 1 1/2 in.
Manu #5463138
Item #46651
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size: 2 in.
Manu #5463150
Item #82207
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(based on 2 reviews)


Rated by: Rod C. in Palm Coast, FL
The 2" brush would have been worth it even at full price and at the discount price is a real joy. Holds and spreads water and paint beautifully.
Rated by: W. T. D. in San Francisco, CA
I recently received my W&N 965 2" brush and have enjoyed using it. The combination of natural and golden nylon produces wonderful even results in my washes. It keeps a terrific edge and has nice snap. I like it better and recommend it highly. It's a great buy and worth it!
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