So Big Brush

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A great value at an economical price. This is a plastic brush with a large handle for younger children to use with different kinds of paint for wide brush strokes. Stiff bristles make this the perfect tool for tempera or poster paints. Series 208.

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description: brush
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Rated by: Viki B. in Holyoke, MA
These are perfect with the spill proof paint cups...I have my 2 year old's painting area set up in the kitchen, and since these brushes fit right in the holes (one per color), the paint doesn't dry out and I don't have to clean up paint land every night...try once a week if you can believe it! Talk about ease of use...When I do wash out the brushes, the cups have rubber lids to keep the paint wet.
Rated by: Jill M. in Staten Island, NY
My two year old daughter loves the coverage she gets with this big, easy to hold brush. It cleans up well and holds up to tons of abuse.
Rated by: Camie O. in Atlanta, GA
This paintbrush is the best for little hands. I use it with my 9 month old, and it is easy for her to hold. All other brushes I've seen are too small for her to manipulate. I highly recommend this brush!!
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