Brush Cleaner & Restorer

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Winsor & Newton Brush Cleaner & Restorer safely and easily cleans both natural and synthetic brushes without damage to brush heads. It leaves no oily residue, emits a low amount of vapor and is non-toxic, biodegradable, water-soluble, non-flammable and non-abrasive. Winsor & Newton Brush Cleaner & Restorer is available in 120 ml and 474 ml bottles.

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Rated by: Virginia L. in Nancy, KY
Exceptional - I don't use any other product for brush cleaning & stripping paint , and I recommend it to all who ask.
Rated by: brittany z. in gainesville, GA
this stuff is no joke and is oderless. do not open on any painted surface like a new dining room table.
Rated by: b w. in denison, TX
Best product I have found so far. Not only cleans dried paint it does restore and shape. Sure helps when you get forgetful. And it also doesn't evaporate if left uncovered. Wonderful product.
Rated by: Christy R. in Anchorage, AK
Love the cleaner for my students who dont' clean the brush often enough and the paint resides deep in the brush. Word of caution, do not use plastic to soak the brushes in....yuk...what a mess.
Rated by: audrey g. in machias, NY
Absolutely the best brush cleaner I have ever tried and I've tried a lot.It actually cleans out dried acrylic paint and makes bristles soft again.However,do not emerse wooden handle of brush in cleaner.It will remove the paint from the handle.
Rated by: Angela B. in eugen, OR
Good value for the size bottle. Does exactly what I needed. A great cleaner and restorer.
Rated by: Renee . in Holly Springs, MS
It removed dried hardened acrylics in the ferules after 24 hour..also worked to condition my oil brushes...will buy this again in a larger size.
Rated by: Susan B. in Cockeysville, MD
I've been looking for an easy to use brush cleaner that really gets out the various media I use in the studio. This cleaner gets out glazes, acrylics (even some dried acrylic) and wood stains. I'm trying to be kinder to my brushes. This product really helps. My brushes are much happier these days ;-)
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