Paint Brush Basin

Product Description

This handy basin has three water compartments: two with cleaning grates at the bottom and the third with rests for soaking. Eight various sized holes to hold brushes between use, spouts for water removal, built-in scrubbers on the rim and a tight sealing lid for transport and storage.

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description: paint brush basin
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Rated by: rachel s. in miami beach, FL
i use this all the time. not all the slots fit all my brushes but they fit the main ones i use and i love the sections to hold water. when rinsing the brushes in between colors, it is quite helpful.
Rated by: Laura R G. in Dayton, OH
This little basin is great, especially for small brushes. I only wish it were a little larger so all my brushes would fit.
Rated by: Teresa C. in tucson, AZ
This little tool is the greatest. It helps me not to forget to take care of my brushes. Now I have to learn to paint without a bend at the endof the brush from sitting in the jar too long.
Rated by: Jennifer R. in New York, NY
This has really helped me keep my brushes nice and clean! The grates on the bottom really get all the paint off, and the wells allow me to keep my colors separated, so my brushes don't get dirty so quickly.
Rated by: JoAnne M. in Knoxville, TN
Boy, what a boon after using an old jar for years. I hardly know how to handle it!!! A place for everything while I'm working
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