Brush Cleaner and Preserver

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Saves time and trouble, as well as your brushes. Works on oil, acrylic, or watercolor brushes. Will not harm red sable or any type bristle. Will keep brushes like new. Also easily restores old, hardened brushes.

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(based on 38 reviews)


Rated by: L. McCarthy in South FLA.
What a great product! Can be used with all mediums and brush types. All sizes are also great for gifts, very portable & have a pleasant aroma. A must- have item for every artist, muralist or decorative painter.
Rated by: M. McCarthy in South FLA.
We just love this product! It cleans all mediums from your brushes while leaving the brush like new. We carry and use all sizes depending on the job we are doing. We give them as gifts for our students as well! They all love this product.
Rated by: Mary A in Michigan
This is great stuff for cleaning the brushes after use. This will make your brushes last longer!
Rated by: Tom H. in Conyers, GA
Fantastic stuff! Not only does it do a great job cleaning brushes you have just used, it really does do a good job reconditioning old ones that have were pretty much unusable. I will continue to buy it.
Rated by: Anna D. in Boston, MA
Love this cleaner. It is amazing.
Rated by: adam w. in hastings, MI
well i havent used it yet, i just ordered it, but i hope it works well
Rated by: Sandra B. in Grass Valley, CA
This product is amazing. I am hard on my brushes and this cleaner really works. I even use it on my desk surfaces that get ink splashed on them to clean them up.
Rated by: Craig G. in Hillsborough, NC
I've been using this brush cleaner with great results for 15 years. It works!
Rated by: Eileen G. in Yucca Valley, CA
I love this brush cleaner. I am not an artist. I was introduced to this cleaner by my neice who just completed a makeup artist school in Hollywood, CA. We use it to clean makeup brushes and it works like a charm! Thank you for making such a great product.
Rated by: Julie O. in Rock Hill , SC
great product
Rated by: Jan o. in Minneapolis, MN
This is an excellent cleaner for both my sable and bristle brushes that I use in oil painting.
Rated by: Tuesday G. in Red Feather Lakes, CO
Great brush cleaner, easy to use with a great preservative quality.
Rated by: Linda D. in Shawnee, OK
Takes years of accumulated gunk right out of your brushes. The conditioner leaves brushes pliable.
Rated by: Brett T. in Scottsdale, AZ
I've used this cleaner for 16 yrs and I have 70-year-old sable brushes from my aunt that are some of the best brushes I have due to cleaning them with this product.
Rated by: Annette C. in Creedmoor, NC
If you paint with oils you need this! Even if your brushes look clean, use this to get all that paint that get deep down in the brushes and can come out the next time you paint; which can mess up your color. It also helps the live of your brushes. It goes a long way too.
Rated by: Kate R. in Macungie, PA
This stuff is great. I've also discovered it's great to use on clothing and it cleans sneakers and dirty flip-flips like you would not believe.
Rated by: Michael G. in New York, NY
Very good product. I will be using this from now on.
Rated by: Thomas C. in Richmond,, VA
The BEST!!!!!
Rated by: James P. in Bandera, TX
This is a must for any painting studio. Brushes that you thought were beyond help can be brought back to full flexibility.
Rated by: edith p. in campbellsville, KY
love this product
Rated by: Loretta R. in san luis obispo, CA
Cleans oils, acrylics and other artits' paints from brushes with virtually no odor or toxicity.
Rated by: fanny p. in Miami, FL
Just Incredible! I had like eight brushes that I didn't use because of the oil they had inside. Today I'm using them all...!! Just amazing
Rated by: Ashley S. in Shippensburg, PA
Wow! By far the best brush cleaner I have ever used! I've used it for five years, occasionally trying other cleaning products, but this is the only one that completely cleaned and conditioned my brushes without harming them! Will even clean dried oil paint from brushes and make them usable again! This will definitely always be on my painting table.
Rated by: Mary G. in Waukegan, IL
Great product. Cleans brushes well, restores shape of bristles.
Rated by: Laura M. in Berea, KY
This is absolutely the best brush cleaner (and preserver) on the market.
Rated by: Mary Z. in Austinburg, OH
I really like this brush cleaner, It cleans and conditions you brushes. Especially if you forget to clean your brushes-you can reshape and leave it on to dry.
Rated by: Kelly C. in Camden, NC
I facepaint on occasion and had difficulty removing the black paint from my brushes. This cleaner did it all and conditions my brushes as well. I would also like to "ditto" all comments left in prior reviews. I will never buy a different brand of brush cleaner again. This is the BEST!!!
Rated by: Heather C. in Fort Worth, TX
This is the best cleaner I have ever found. It isnt harsh on the brushes like turpentine products and can even clean brushes that have old paint. While using this product my brushes stay in great shape!
Rated by: Deborah B. in Lincoln, NE
The "Gold" Standard for all brush cleaners. I can't live without it.It's all you need to clean and condition brushes.No matter what you try, you will always come back to Masters.
Rated by: Joann M. in Tampa, FL
This stuff is great. I have all three sizes. They are awesome at cleaning brushes and preserving them.
Rated by: M.L. H. in Corvallis, OR
I am surprised at how much this product helps to quickly and completely clean my brushes.
Rated by: M. Y. in Ridgeland, MS
Good product. I use in conjuction with other soap (i.e. Dawn) to get completely clean brushes.
Rated by: Sheryl W. in Monon, IN
Masters Brush Cleaner and Preserver is by far the best brush cleaner that I have found. I have tried several and this is what I have used since 1988. Not only does it clean out brushes,even dried paint but it keeps the bristles of the paint brushes like new. This is the only cleaner I will spend my hard earn money to buy. Happy Painting.
Rated by: Donna R. in Rapid River, MI
Very good cleaner. I like the smaller containers, they travel well and do a good job.
Rated by: Deena Y. in Mustang, OK
Good product for cleaning and preserving brushes!
Rated by: Orice K. in Moro, OR
My brushes are in constant use, and this product keeps my brushes in good condition and makes them last much longer. I definately prefer it to liquid cleaners.
Rated by: John M. in Chicago, IL
A few dollars of this stuff will double the life of your brushes! This cleaner will pay for itself and then some!
Rated by: Nancy D. in Kapaa, HI
What a wonderful product. Quick,easy and good for the brushes..what more could you ask??
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