Susan Louise Moyer Silk Painting Brush Sets

Product Description

Susan Louise Moyer’s silk painting artistry is seen on high fashion models for major designer houses and is featured in numerous galleries. This gifted silk painter, designer, and teacher recommends Silver Brush Black Velvet Brushes in her best-selling books and classes. Silver Brush has developed two silk painting sets to Susan Louise Moyer’s specifications, featuring these Black Velvet Brushes. Background and Accents Set contains two Silverwhite Rounds (sizes 6 and 8), and one Black Velvet Oval Wash (3/4 in.). Blending and Shading Set contains three Black Velvet Rounds (sizes 4, 8, and 12).

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description: 3 brush backgrounds & accents set
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Item #SLV0162
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description: 3 brush blending & shading set
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Item #SLV0163
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Rated by: zahra b. in san francisco, CA
the brushes are fantastic. they are the next best thing to sable brushes. i have been using them for the past 10 years and they are fabulous. the best thing that susan has done after the stretchers for silk. i have just placed an order for two sets again. can't have enough brushes.
Rated by: Helen R. in Maurepas, LA
These brushes are fabulous! I bought both sets. When I first started painting on silk, I used the inexpensive silk brushes from china. Pieces of the the brush consistently came off on my work. The Silver/Moyer brushes are well made and just let the dyes glide over the silk. I love them.
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