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Your private classroom with Bob Ross! Presented in Bob Ross' own warm and patient style, this 3-hour DVD workshop answers all the questions you've been asking about the "wet-on-wet" technique using oil paint. Bob covers in great detail the basics of skies, mountains, trees, water, reflections, and more. Then he helps you assemble the various components into a beautiful finished painting, while explaining the "happy accidents" you are likely to encounter and how to correct them. DVD 180 Minutes, All Regions, NTSC, Full Screen, Enhanced Color, Dolby Audio and easy quick-find menu. Plus, Bonus footage of Bob Ross. Subitiling in English, Spanish, German and Dutch.

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description: 3 hour DVD
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Rated by: Derand P. in Kings Mountain, NC
Our mom recently took up painting and we couldn't have purchased a more perfect Mother's Day gift than this video collection from Bob Ross! She is so captivated by it she says she'd rather watch it & paint than go to bed at night! Thanks for a great gift at a great price!
Rated by: Donald E. in Lowell, IN
Wow! My first painting using this DVD really impressed my friends.
Rated by: Aubrey D. in Huntertown, IN
This video is very helpful, and Bob Ross really walks you through the process of painting landscapes.
Rated by: alexis b. in e. lyme, CT
I have just recently taken an interest in painting. In fact, I was more interested in acrylic painting and inspired by Donna Dewberry. As time went on, I learned the difference between Oil and acrylic and determined that acrylic was very effective for decoritive painting as well as canvas work. However, After watching this dvd on oil painting I became sooo inspired by this method of wet on wet Oil painting that I went out and purchased everthing I needed to attempt my first canvas painting. I review this dvd quite often and can't tell you how informative it has been. Everytime I watch it I learn something new. It has proven to be one of the best investments I've made, in regard to instructional art videos. I have purchased several instructional videos in the past, but none compare to Bob Ross. I highly recommend that all new aspiring want to be artists, purchase this item. It is awesome!!!
Rated by: James W. in Mesquite, TX
I found this to be a very informative training video on to paint great pictures.
Rated by: Mendy P. in Lonsdale, MN
Bob Ross is awesome. I bought the DVD and started watching. He makes it so easy. I grabbed one of my old paintings that was hidden in a closet and reworked all of it. It looks great!
Rated by: Tom S. in McHenry, IL
The video is excellent and I only wish it was longer. I have created some excellent paintings using the techniques shown.
Rated by: Sheila A. in Lynchburg, VA
An excellent video that shows several options in each category, ie skies, etc. I would have preferred more review of the wet-on-wet technique before starting because whereas Bob is showing stroke marks, I get blends. Perhaps practice makes perfect!
Rated by: Walter K. in Deming, NY
The Bob Ross instructional video is excellant. He really takes you step by step, explains all the brushes and tools he uses as he goes along as well as the color oil paints. He brings it down to the novice level with encouragement and builds on it.
Rated by: Deborah W. in Cherokee, NC
Excellent video, each technique is well displayed and explained. Highly recommended for anyone interested in painting for pure enjoyment.
Rated by: Joan G. in Simi Valley, CA
This instructional video is very good at teaching wet-on-wet techniques. My children think it is an easy instructional.
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