Tom Lynch's Secrets of Painting on Watercolor Canvas DVD

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Whether your watercolor paintings are of a secluded country road, a sparkling lake, or a French café, Tom Lynch can help you capture them on canvas. His 50 minute instructional DVD – with 10 minute bonus tips section – shows you exactly how painting on watercolor canvas will improve your art and transform your paintings into works of shimmering color and captivating mood. Tom Lynch has authored six books, hosted four TV series, and taught workshops for over 30 years. He’s won countless awards including two lifetime achievement awards, and his work has been featured in nearly every major art magazine. Now, with this wonderful instructional DVD, you too can learn the watercolor techniques that have enabled this renowned painter to exhibit his art all over the world.

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title: Secrets of Painting on Watercolor Canvas
description: DVD
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Rated by: Donn K. in Live Oak, FL
An excellent DVD on how to paint on watercolor canvas. Tom does an excellent job of explaining the qualities of watercolor canvas. Even for a beginner, it's enlightening.
Rated by: Loraine M. in Lakewood, CO
This is one of the best DVDs I have ever watched. It explains so much about this surface and how best to be successful with it; truly a breakthrough in watercolor painting.
Rated by: Loraine M. in Lakewood, CO
My order was received very quickly and I enjoyed passing along info to my students on your website for ordering any future materials.
Rated by: William R. in Albuquerque, NM
I had some canvas and got rather frustrated with it: it does take a bit of a different approach than watercolor paper. Tom Lynch's DVD made a BIG difference in my feelings about it. I won't be giving up paper any time soon, but I now have two paintings I really like on the canvas, thanks to this DVD. Highly recommended.
Rated by: Jack J. in Columbus, OH
This video is very good and is simple enough for mme a real amateur painter I bought a piece of the canvas and want to try painting on it.
Rated by: Jo Anne W. in Hendersonville, NC
This is a very good video. Tom makes it look really easy to do watercolor on canvas. I'm looking forward to trying this technique.
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