Butterflies Coloring Book

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This treasury of detailed, accurately rendered illustrations invites coloring book enthusiasts to bring over 40 species of butterflies to life in vivid color. Fact-filled captions provide information about each species' coloration, range, habitat, special characteristics and more. All are shown in full color on the covers. An excellent source of nature illustrations for artists and craftspeople, this delightful coloring book can also be used as an accurate, inexpensive nature identification guide. Paperback, 48 pages.ISBN:486273350. DOVER

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title: Butterflies Coloring Book
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(based on 7 reviews)


Rated by: Kathy N. in Boston, MA
This book, like all the Dover books, have become a resource, not simply a coloring book to me. First thing I do when I get another Dover book is to take a craft knife, remove all the pages, and store the single sided pages in a large plastic envelope with the cover of the book showing through the envelope. When I want to use an image, I make copies on my copier at the correct size, then return the return the original to the envelope. The butterflies in this book helped me design a series of sweatshirts for my nieces, some hanging window tints, and now are helping me design a tapestry. Not bad for a "child's toy" huh?
Rated by: Delores E. M. in Washington, DC
I have just found this to be wonderful. I have to hid from my Grandson, he is ten years old and love to draw, but Grandmother is hogging this book just for my card making and Scrapbooking. I like everything about this book. I love Butterflies. If there are anymore with other creatures please let me know. Thanks
Rated by: Ellen H. in Grantham, PA
I bought this for my roommate as a birthday present and she loved it. The pictures are beautiful and they are a welcome relief from class homework.
Rated by: Alexis W. in Lovettsville, VA
Pretty pictures! Not a very thick book...
Rated by: Charlotte D. in Albany, OR
Using my photocopier I adjust the size of the butterfly I need for my project. I copy in black & white so I don't waste color ink. I make a template from the copy and transfer the adjusted butterfly to my project. I appreciate the colors in this book. They give me direction altho I use my own color choices.
Rated by: MaryEllen S. in Talco, TX
Great resource book to use for decorative painting!
Rated by: Lisa U. in Wickliffe, OH
Dover coloring books are lots of fun...all breeds of butterflies...could be more realistic in rendering.
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