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Reduce and enlarge drawings with ease. Designed for inclined or horizontal drawing surfaces and suitable for tracing or dotting. Constructed of hardwood with grey lacquer finish. Die-sunk graduation holes are drilled with accuracy. Adjustable nylon ratio screws assure smooth movement. Features nickeled anchor clamp, lead holder and tracer point. Accessories and instructions are included. Not recommended for straight tracing.

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size: 18 in.
adjustments: with 19 adjustments
Manu #PA305
Item #43648
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size: 21 in.
adjustments: with 25 adjustments
Manu #PA306
Item #36622
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size: 24 in.
adjustments: with 30 adjustments
Manu #PA308
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Rated by: ROBERT C. in pennsauken, NJ
quick and easy website easy to find things plus very good products and resonable prices
I am new to this company. This is my third order. I have been truly impressed with their low prices, quality products and high service quality for customers !
Rated by: Anh A. in Mason, NH
I bought the 24 in. pantographs and use to enlarge pictures from photographs. The instruction is not detailed enough to show how to use it. I learned it myself from practicing using the tool. However, once I got a hand on it, it seems quite simple to operate. One weakness of this tool I found so far is fixed point of the pantograph (where the clamp is) is not stable enough. It often pops off the pivot while I am tracing.
Rated by: Mary B. in Roseville, MN
I got the medium-sized pantograph and have done both enlargments from photos and reductions from existing drawings. It takes some practice, but the directions are good and the reproductions were very accurate and took little retouching. The lead is a little thick so be prepared to go over details. Well worth the price.
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