Architecture Kit

Product Description

This affordable and comprehensive kit is designed to fit the average needs, budget, and class level requirements of students. The kit comes in a 12 in. x 16 in. vinyl portfolio/carrying case. The case contains one each of the following: 6 in. bow compass with parts tube Architects’ open divided triangular scale, constructed of white impact plastic with die-engraved graduations 10 in. clear plastic triangle (30°/60°) 8 in. clear plastic triangle (45°/90°) 6 in. semicircular protractor 8 1/2 in. irregular curve Pencil eraser, erasing shield Mechanical lead holder “Mini” lead pointer Tube of compass leads Vinyl portfolio/carrying case Freehand lettering guide pad

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description: architectural kit
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Rated by: Monique B. in Brooklyn, NY
This product is very good for the artist's needs in drawing and cartooning.
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