Ruling Pens

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Excellent for ruling lines and drawing with ink or other drawing liquids or thin paints. Easily adjusts to a variety of line widths and renders them precisely. Number dial on adjustment screw. Cross joint model quickly adjusts for versitility in marking.   Availaable in a 4.5 beginner's option, and 5.5 precision and stainless steel modles.

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description: beginner
size: 4.5 in.
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Item #50350
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Rated by: Brenda Gail G. in Zuni, VA
This is an extremely precise tool. It does a great job for the fine work I use it for. I prefer this pen because I can use different types of inserts, not just graphite. For example, I use erasers I have cut to the correct size to remove marks in very tight places.
Rated by: Kevin D. in Boston, MA
I have been painting using acrylics for about two years. I saw the tacro pen used in a painting tutorial DVD and the notion of creating thin lines easily with acrylics appealed to me. Initially it was difficult to use the pen as I grappled with the proper paint consistency so it would flow. But now I've got it! This is a handy tool to have.
Rated by: Betty G. in Captain Cook, HI
I had never heard of this type of pen until I read Elizabeth Kincaid's watercolor book. I bought two pens and I am using them to apply liquid frisket (Maskpen liquid frisket, another great MisterArt product) in watercolor. I used the Maskpen liquid frisket because, to achieve the thin lines, you do need a thinner masking fluid, or if it is too thick, you can thin it (with ammonia). I also experimented with the pen for masking in porcelain painting (chinapaint or overglaze painting) and I believe I can use the pen in that medium too. Haven't tried it on a real painted piece yet, but I plan to. MUCH better than using a brush... so easy to clean. And the thinness of the lines you can achieve are unbelievable. I think several of my watercolor friends are going to get this pen too. Great product!
Rated by: judi m. in Germantown, MD
The pens are great. I use them for applying mask and also for adding fine detail in watercolor. My order was handled quickly and accurately.
Rated by: Cheryl A. in Bristol, CT
I haven't purchased this yet, i just added it to my basket. I have been looking for a ruling pen for calligraphy and painting and this is 1/3 the price for the style that opens up for easier cleaning. i heard that if it doesn't open up some how you can eventually bend it trying to clean inside the blades. No other art places on the internet have such diverse items as Mr Art!! and i love the prices. No one is cheaper too.
Rated by: Christine P. in Cedar Mountain, NC
The Ruling Pen is not offered by many art-supply stores or magazines, so I was pleasantly surprised to find it at! The pen works great, and is a very reasonable cost. is a very reliable shopping place for ALL my arts & crafts needs. They are courteous and ship very fast, and their prices are as low as anywhere else. Why SHOP anywhere else?
Rated by: Debra G. in Portland, MI
This tool is really nice, but I thought that it would have been a bit larger, so it would be easier to use.
Rated by: Jill H. in Rock Springs, WY
I use these ruling pens to make fine lines with a mask for watercolors. They work beautifully, are comfortable in my hand, clean easily and Mister Art has the cheapest price I found.
Rated by: Dianne A. in Mesa, AZ
Pen handles nicely. I use it for mat decoration details.
Rated by: Patricia G. in New York, NY
Great for making lines on watercolors
Rated by: Cierra B. in Gainesboro, TN
An amazing tool for artists that is often overlooked. It is excellent for fine lines in paintings and drawings. Fluid acrylics work beautifully but any paint that can be thinned will work. Details, such as woodgrain, are accomplished much faster using a ruling pen. The width of the line is adjustable and cleaning the pen is fast and easy. Very easy to use and comfortable to the hand.
Rated by: Claire R. in ---, ID
I haven't used this particular tool yet, but I tried this type of tool in a workshop for making thin lines with watercolor liquid frisket and I was hooked. I bought one for myself and several friends.
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