180 Degree Protractors

Product Description

Calculate angles easily and accurately with C-Thru Protractors. Calibrated in 1/2 degrees, these clear protractors lay flat and increments are printed clearly so that angles can be drawn cleanly and precisely. 1/2 circle printed in black.

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length: 4 in.
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length: 6 in.
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Rated by: David P. in Kentwood, MI
These protractors are a great size and having the markings laminated between the top and bottom layers prevents them from rubbing off. However, C-thru really needs to limit the markings to each degree rather than every half degree so you can actually tell one mark from the other. A 4" diameter is simply too small for 0.5 degree increments. The older C-thru model this size only had 1 degree increments.
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