Proportional Divider

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7 3/4 inch nickel silver proportional divider with replaceable steel points. Divided for lines from 3/4 to 10 and circles from 6 to 20. Instructions included, packaged in a recloseable pouch. Meets U.S. Government specifications.

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description: proportional divider
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Rated by: Brenda P. in Miami, FL
It is an expensive tool but is extraordinary for a perfect draw! It makes easier the proportions to a bigger scaling paint from a photo. I’m delighted using it! And it has the best price at your store.
Rated by: Kathleen M. in Wilmington, NC
Excellent service,prompt delivery even with the holidays. I passed your website to other classmates who will need your products Thank You!
Rated by: Cierra B. in Gainesboro, TN
This is a quality, well-made tool! I thought it was pricey until I shopped around and had the very best price. Excellent addition to the toolbox of both beginners and professionals.
Rated by: Joan Lundgren, P. in Walnut Creek, CA
impressed with tool and others in my class have asked for information on how to get one. I will pass the info on at our next class.
Rated by: Eileen N. H. in New York, NY
Although this is a rather expensive aid, it is well worth it for beginners as well as professionals. It takes the tedious math out of drawing from photos, and enlarging pictures to scale, allowing for more time to devote to drawing.
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