Dura-Lar Acetate Alternative Sheets

Product Description

Grafix Dura-Lar is the perfect acetate alternative. This clear, polyester film is unsurpassed for its clarity, strength, stability, and flatness. Dura-Lar is ideally suited for use as a protective overlay, for layouts and color separations, or as a surface for mixed media artwork. Available with and without an adhesive backing.

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thickness: 0.003
finish: clear
size: 30 in. x 40 in.
Manu #K03DC3040-25
Item #88865
25% off
VIP Member
35% off
thickness: 0.005
finish: clear with adhesive backing
size: 30 in. x 40 in.
Manu #K05DP3040-25
Item #84383
25% off
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35% off
thickness: 0.015
finish: clear
size: 24 in. x 36 in.
Manu #K15DC2436-25
Item #37912
25% off
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35% off

(based on 7 reviews)


Rated by: AnnaMarie N. in Long Branch, NJ
This is great for covering books in our school library. Protects them very well, and makes the covers look like new.
Rated by: Julie G. in Leesburg, FL
This stuff did the job just great... I needed it as an overlay for blueprints and large format plans. It was great!
Rated by: Maryann R. in Harwinton, CT
I was restoring on a vintage, 1968 doll display that originally had plastic windows in it. These were ruined and needing a replacement, I went to the internet for some help in finding something similiar. I was delighted to find the Mister Art carried almost the exact same acetate as the original display. It came out beautifully! The Acetate is crystal clear and very sturdy. It was also conveniently delivered to my home. I will definately purchase other products from Mister Art!
Rated by: kiley t. in newark, DE
great product..arrived right on time, and worked perfectly :)
Rated by: Pam S. in Spokane, WA
The product I purchased was easy to use and exceeded my expectations. It arrived just when I needed it for my project.
Rated by: James A. in Pittsburgh, PA
I want to commend both the vendor and the product. As a first-time buyer from MisterArt, I was pleased with the usability of the website, the whole buying experience, and the reasonable shipping charge. As a sole proprietor, I only have time to deal with vendors who respect & value their customers as I experienced with MisterArt. I ordered the .015" thick version of Clear Acetate Alternative, and it was everything I expected. The protective film on both sides kept it scratch-free while I cut it to size. I would recommend both this product and this vendor to everyone.
Rated by: Amie G. in Trenton, NJ
I bought the .015 thickness. It was everything as advertised. It had a film protector on both sides so it was scratch-free to the moment I used it. It stayed flat even when it was stored rolled-up in the closet-- it unrolls nicely, and stays flat.
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