Eclipse HP-CS Airbrush

Product Description

This gravity feed Eclipse CS features a 0.35 mm needle and nozzle combination, as well as a generous 1/3 oz. sized cup. The funnel design of the cup makes clean-up easier and also means less wasted paint. The short distance from cup to nozzle allows for more consistent paint flow. Designed for fine artists and students.

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description: HP-CS Eclipse
Manu #ECL4500
Item #37110
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Rated by: Keep on stroken in Richmond, va.
This is the best you can get for that hard earnd money you've been saving . Easy to clean and take apart. Lays down great dagger strokes and will make you a fast learner.
Rated by: C H. in Pioneer, CA
This Iwata airbrush allows creativity of intricate graphics on paper, gastanks or automobiles. The grip of the pen is comfortable, the funnel cup does not interfere with your work and is easy to re-fill. What an unbelievable difference working with this airbrush as opposed to our other name brand airbrushes that have been, now, laid to rest! We won't use anything else!
Rated by: N E. in Richmond, VA
This airbrush has been a work horse for me and my business. I'v painted on everything from garage doors to motorcycle helmets and it's delivered in precision and quality every time.
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