Metal Foil Tape

Product Description

Add metal edges or striping to greeting cards, scrapbook pages, photo frames, and dozens of other art and craft projects with Metal Foil Tape. Available in brass, copper, and aluminum, each roll is 1/4 in. wide and 16 ft. long. The strong adhesive bonds to most any clean surface. Tape can be embossed with a fine point stylus to add patterns or texture to your design.

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color: brass
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Rated by: Miniaturist in Wyoming
The ArtEmboss tape was disappointing. I wanted to use it to trim miniature (painted) wooden furniture, but it started crumbling around the edges before I could glaze or seal it. The adhesive just isn't strong enough to hold it together in that application. I liked the color, though, and the speedy shipping for a reasonable price.
Rated by: James N. in Temecula, CA
Great products, great service, amazing selection.
Rated by: Sandee M. in Salt Lake City, UT
This tape is the real thing - a strip of metal with self-adhesive. Be sure and follow the instructions to seal it with a glaze or something -- otherwise, it pits and tarnishes just like -- well, just like metal! Love it just the same, especially for gift wrapping.
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