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Weldbond is more than just a great glue, it’s a universal adhesive that works fast. It will bond everything to anything! Weldbond can virtually weld together cement, concrete, bricks, plaster, metal, glass, wood tiles, building panels, and much more.Weldbond is also a powerful universal primer for porous surfaces. It’s a weatherproofer, dustproofer, hardener, and bonding agent. Just mix Weldbond with sawdust, grout, cement, or plaster and be amazed at the tremendous strength this product offers your repair work.Non-flammable and non-toxic, Weldbond dries clear. It’s highly water resistant and impervious to petroleum, oil, grease, salt, molds, fungi, alkalis, and weak acids. It will withstand all climactic conditions after curing, is non-staining, and will not brittle with age. Highly concentrated, Weldbond can be mixed with water and used as a sealer for many surfaces. Available in traditional bottles (5.4 oz., and 14.2 oz.) or in an easy squeeze tube with a time saving, clog-free cap (2 oz.) -- glue never dries out when the tube cap is on, so it's always ready to use.

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(based on 27 reviews)


Rated by: D Broome in Lincolnton, Ga
Evan though this glue is easy to work with, odor free, and easy clean up, it does not work well for outside use on mosaic project that are glass on glass. Many hours lost when glue comes loose on outdoor projects during rainy days.
Rated by: vicki williams in Kansas City, MO
I use welbond glue on my mosaics, glass to glass, and when I put water on it after it has been set and is clear, I have found that it will turn white again and come loose. I love the glue but found this not something I want to use for project that get wet like being outside etc. I found that a Silicone glue that is waterproof worked better for my projects.
Rated by: Lottie p in Little mn
Loved it! Used it to glue down tile bits, buttons and everything in between on an assemblage piece, would buy this again and again!
Rated by: Joanne Anderson in Flint,Mi
This particular order was for Weldbond. I use it to secure my glass mosaics and clay projects. I am always very happy with anything that I have ordered from Misterart.com and I will continue to order the Weldbond and other items that I need for my art. I sell my mosaics at Fine Art Fairs and I never need to worry about anything coming apart because of a poor adhesive. Thank you Misterart.com
Rated by: David Greene in Columbus, OH
I used for auto carpet and it was like iron. No fumes and easy to use. It was great for difficult-to-glue areas and I used it only for a few spots that were not held down by interior parts. I recommend it!
Rated by: Peggy S. in Raleigh, NC
This is terrific glue, wonderfully fume-free, and really does a super job! I use it for most everything! Great stuff!!!
Rated by: Ron R. in Greenville, SC
It has worked on everything like it describes on the label. I have used it for >15yrs. I have tried to find an alternate adhesive but to no satisfaction.
Rated by: Kathy W. in Paradise, CA
I love this glue. It has held when Gorrilla glue has not! It is the best all purpose glue I have found.
Rated by: Kirstie B. in Los Angeles, CA
Weldbond is fantastic! I use it for Mosaics and it is easy to work with, dries clear and holds everything great. I love the new tube with the clog free cap...I've found after a while the big bottles get clogged. I do have a little one that I can use to apply the glue directly too. The best!!
Rated by: Nertha G. in New York City, NY
Weldbond is my glue of choice because it gives great results with such a variety of materials. I was glad to find a source that carries the 12 oz. size -- although the ideal would be the half-gallon! I said it was my favorite. If you can only purchase one glue, Weldbond is it!
Rated by: Julie C. in NY, NY
Truly a great value. This product is very inexpensive but does everything it says it can do, and does it well. I also like the size - very generous! I've used it to glue glass and metal to painted canvas and am VERY pleased with the results - acts like a cement! I tinted it with acrylic paint (the glue itself dries clear) and that worked well.
Rated by: Teresa A. in Spokane, WA
This is the best adhesive on the market. It was recomened to me to making mosics with glass and it works great. I now use it for everything.
Rated by: kimm m. in hemet, CA
in my closet the rod holders broke and all the close fell in the floor. i glued a piece of wood to hold the rod. it holds a couple hundred pounds right now. been there for about 6 months and no sign of it coming off again. it is the best stuff i have ever used. i use it on everything..i haven't found anything yet that it did not hold.
Rated by: Karen B. in Florissant, MO
Works very well on most things did not stick on metal to metal (magensium PDA case) at well and some of the glass to galss popped off where I didn't use a lot of glue, overall worked well on glass and was fine to use with my 6 year-old.
Rated by: sandra b. in mission hills, CA
worked better than i anticipatrd on a miniature brass sculpture i have outdoors.
Rated by: dee r. in Alburquerque, NM
This product has replaced nails and screws to hold wooden toys and wood art. Extremely safe for kids toys.
Rated by: Jamie T. in Piscataway, NJ
The best multi-tasking glue on the market - great on wood, bonds glass to glass - an invaluable staple to my art supplies.
Rated by: P.E. S. in Grover Beach, CA
Weldbond is the best for working with mosaics and things to be displayed outdoors.
Rated by: Alexis G. in Durham, NC
this is the best glue you'll ever buy.easy clean up and bonds like the dickens! I've made lampshades, glues upholstery, ceramic, stone...incredible product.
Rated by: Jean H. in Kansas City, MO
I ordered the Weldbond to use as a sealer for a mosaic I was finishing up. I diluted the Weldbond with four parts water and just brushed it on. It really does dry clear and seems to have sealed quite well!
Rated by: Bluecatgal b. in atlanta, GA
I have used this glue to bond almost everything...it never fails...and even if you are a bit messy, it dries clear. Worth more than all other glues as it works...dependably.
Rated by: Karen C. in Pacifica, CA
This glue is great for mosaics. It dries clear and holds the tiles well. I have only used it for ceramic tiles.
Rated by: lisa j. in Johnson City, TN
Best glue I've found to use with mosaic tiles. I've used on ceramic tiles not glass, but I'm sure this would work great with glass. I've tried many other types of glues and Wellbond is the easiest to use. Dries very fast. I received my order very quickly - quicker than I thought I would.
Rated by: Erin E. in Minneapolis, MN
WeldBond is fantastic! I use it for tricky gluing situations where I have to stick very dissimilar materials together and can't use solvent-based glues (like on styrofoam). Like Elmer's on steroids, and dries quicker than you'd expect. Super strong for a white glue.
Rated by: Michelle D. in Hudson, NH
I am new to mosaics. I tried this product after reading about it on several online lists. So far it is performing as advertized. I'm happy with it!
Rated by: Diana B. in Bolingbrook, IL
This stuff seems to be really fantastic so far. My mosaics are primarily outdoor garden ornaments (broken china on concrete, wood or terra cotta). I have had concerns about using certain adhesives in birdbaths where the mosaic would be submerged in water. There doesn't seem to be any problem at all with Weldbond. I have also mixed it into my grout to make it extra strong. The setting time is excellent! I can put the final grout on my pieces within hours instead of days!
Rated by: Rebecca S. in San Diego, CA
This is the BEST adhesive ever. It's non toxic and so far everything I've used it on sticks tight and I've tried everything. I've used it on wood, gourds, plastic, metal. Try it, you'll love it.
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