527 Multi-Use Glue

Product Description

Bond 527 Multi-Purpose Cement is super strong, crystal clear, durable, flexible, quick drying, and water resistant. It bonds to china, glass, ceramics, shells, tile, leather, wood, gems, cork, paper, and most plastics. The cement comes in tubes, with either a precision tip for fine lines and dots, or a regular tip for general applications.

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size: 2 fl. oz.
unit: tube
Manu #527OZBLK81
Item #11292
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Rated by: reyes g. in sevilla spanih, NY
Bond 527 Multi-Purpose Cement is super strong, crystal clear, durable, flexible, quick drying, and water resistant. It bonds to china, glass, ceramics, shells, tile, leather, wood, gems, cork, paper, and most plastics
Rated by: Suzanna B. in CRESCENT CITY , CA
I have tried many cement products, and wasted my money until I came across Bond 527. You won't believe the holding ability of this cement until you have tried it. I use it in making sculptures out of rock and they hold outside year around. Thanks for making a product that stands behind its name. Sincerely Sent - Mrs. Suzanna Bascochea
Rated by: Sandy M. in Colorado Springs, CO
I have been using "527" to create one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art for over 15 years. I still wear the pieces that I couldn't bear to part with, and after all this time, they look as good as the day I wore them the first time. I've tried many others, but "527" is the best!
Rated by: Stephanie T. in Stevensville, MI
This is a wonderful glue for everything. Even better then Gorilla glue. I first bought Bond 527 from a local crafts store and I was in love. But they quit selling it. I was so happy to find it again from MisterArt and at a great price. Thank you for this product "Bond 527" glue.
Rated by: Paul H. in Otsego, OH
Excellent Product Best adhesive for many projects.
Rated by: Barbara K. in Toms River, NJ
Bond 527 is Outstanding!!
Rated by: Raymond J K. in Smithfield, RI
Great general purpose adhesive. works great for bonding plastic and many other items. I used with the colored acetate film located at this same site.
Rated by: Terri S. in Tacoma, WA
I have tried every glue, cement, epoxy and every other product created. And I have spent ALOT money tring to find that one product that would do everything i needed for doing my atrwork. When I discovered 527 multi-purpose cement I found It to be the only product that I have used that my Glass wouldn't lift and stayed when i was applying the grout. Not only that it isn't like all those other products that are thick, stickey or messey. 527 dries crystal clear, not stickey, or messey. And the clean up is SO EASY! PEOPLE FLASH NEWS....Look no more 527 multi-purpose cement is the best thing sence sliced bread. Thank you for 527 multi-purpose cement! You have made me the happiest.
Rated by: Ging P. in Los Angeles, CA
This is the best glue for art projects!!! I use it for gemstones on stainless steel!! It's so great for many other projects! the possibilities are endless!!! Great product, great company! MisterArt.com is the best! Very fast shipping too!!
Rated by: Cheri M. in Clarkston, WA
I am a mosaicist and have found that 527 Bond is the best for glass, ceramic and clay. It sets up quickly, dries clear and on does not slip on rounded objects.
Rated by: Patricia T. in Valparaiso, IN
I work with glass and ceramic mosaic and have found 527 to be the best glue for glass to glass and ceramic to glass. I have also used it for ceramic to ceramic and glass to wood. Many of my pieces have been displayed outdoors in all kinds of weather and 527 prevents slipping and breaking. It dries clear and fast and better than anything else I have used. I just wish it came in a bigger tube.
Rated by: Thomas S. in Romoland, CA
I'm a player piano rebuilder and I have been through many different glues trying to find one that suits all my needs. This one has been perfect for many of my applications. It is excellent on leather, plastic and wood. However, even though it states it will adhear to metal it does not work on Brass. The leather I use is very thin .012 thickness and it does not absorb through it so I find it perfect for player piano valves involving leather. It also works well with Kidd skin valves but it does have a tendency to slightly absorb through it, however not enough to impede the quality of the valve. The Kidd skin I work with is very thin as well and it measures .040 thickness. I find it very handy for plastic player valves for another reason even though it provides a nice hold it still allows me to reopen a valve if the valve is not performing staisfactorily and I even use it to glue the plastic valves back on the wooden stacks for use. So basically in my line of work it is an excellent adhesive and to tell you the truth after all the adhesives I have tried I didn't expect to find one that was quite so suitable.
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