Scotch Adhesive Remover Pen
by 3M

Product Description

Easy removal of sticky adhesive, label, and sticker adhesive residue, and marker graffiti from desks, lockers, glass, folders, and other surfaces. Citrus base.

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size: 0.35 oz.
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Item #69675
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(based on 4 reviews)


Rated by: Scott in Colorado
Best label/adhesive remover out there. A bit expensive, but melts stickers and labels right off......
Rated by: judy s. in wichita, KS
This adhesive remover works great. It's easy to apply and remove without toxic smells. Patience is the key to allow the product to saturate the label,eg.
Rated by: Marjorie M. in Fruitland Park, FL
My mother has been using this for some time and couldn't find it locally any longer. Thanks to your web site, I was able to get her some and at a reduced price. She is very happy. The stuff really works and even takes off tape from yard sale prices.
Rated by: Terrie M. in Houston, TX
This works very well as long as you saturate the label pretty well. Even the stickiest labels peel right off. The only place it didn't work too well was on rough wood surface, however once it dried it didn't darken the wood. Smells pleasant, too.
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