Rollataq 300 Hand Applicator

Product Description

Great for adhering photos, artwork, presentations, rubber stamping, and scrapbooking. No more skimpy coatings. The Rollataq 300 rolls on a 2 1/4 in. wide micro thin adhesive strip. The special acid free adhesive will not soak through even thin paper. Adhesive is not "sticky" so material is easy to reposition for up to three minutes. Rub material down, it sticks and you're done. Dries to a permanent bond in 15 minutes. Will not be affected by heat, humidity or aging. Non-toxic, non-yellowing, non-electric. A 16 oz. bottle coats 200 8 1/2 in. x 11 in. images. Additional Rollataq adhesive refills sold separately.

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description: adhesive applicator
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Rated by: Penny C. in Ridgewood, NJ
I make handmade greeting cards and I use Rollataq to adhere my artwork to the blank cards. It is the fastest, easiest, neatest, most cost effective adhesive for this purpose. It allows time to position the artwork properly before drying to a permanent bond.
Rated by: Diane L. in Morris county, NJ
Awesome, applicator. Just wish the glue formula were a bit better. Maybe buy this and use you own formula of glue, will definitely save you money for those big school, scrapbook, or sporting projects. This is a great addition-- I would be hesitant on the using their formula of glue, seems like elmers or glue specific to your project may work best. Give this a try, includes sample of their glue in the box.
Rated by: Debra P. in Waterbury, CT
I bought the Rollatag applicator over 10 yrs ago & have been out of adhesive for 9 1/2 yrs. I purchased the refill, filled the applicator & was able to immediately start using it! Thank you.
Rated by: John M. in Winthrop Harbor, IL
I have tried several methods to mount photos and this is by far the best. Easy to use and very professional. The glue is applied in a very thin, yet even layer and objects can be repositioned easily.
Rated by: ron d. in leominster, MA
excellent results. easy to use easy to clean, very portable, no messy trays and rollers to clean up. Glue goes on microthin and does not soak through as promised even on fiber papers. be sure to use newspapers underneath to absorb the excess glue on the edges.
Rated by: Carl J. in Warwick, RI
Excellent gluing of photo paper, both real and inkjet, and any other type of paper except plastic such as vellum. Handy for small to poster size and neat as roller does not spread glue except where you roll it and in a thin, non- runny layer as a glue bottle with roller would. Humidity does not affect the hold.
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